Nigerian men are becoming romantic especially when it comes to proposals as over time we have seen different forms of interesting proposals.

Some men went overboard while some made it simple and cozy, but it’s been a trend now for proposals to always come in an exquisite manner.

Media girl, OAP Zainab Balogun is not the type who loves the attention seeking kind of proposal, and she shared one she recently witnessed over the weekend while trying to see a movie with a friend.

Her narration sounded more like someone bitter, jealous like some ladies would say at the same time sounded like someone with relationship issues.

Either way, she also used the opportunity to let us know that she wouldn’t be having a big or elaborate wedding, and only very close pals would be invited.

She wrote: “I don’t understand the excitement and desire for public proposals. The hype and inconvenience for others is overwhelming for me personally. I remember sitting through a public proposal at the cinema with @LAkintobi. My face the whole time.. We sat waiting 4 the movie to start only for pics of Tolu (bride 2 be) & her bobo flying across the screen. They had video cameras & lights.

We sat right behind the babe so I was all up in their proposal video looking miffed. I just wanted 2 watch my movie. I didn’t pay for extra then their proposal finished and the movie started. Poor girl could no longer admire her ring. She had to keep quiet for 2hrs. I’m just saying don’t interrupt my movie, my food or shopping when you’re proposing to your babe. We’re happy for you o. We just want peace.


Let’s talk about the friends who scream and ring your ears during proposals. Can’t you people just pretend to be cool and calm?

In the midst of the madness you forget who the person being proposed to is with all her screaming mates. “I Kant believe it. Am dead”

You’re dead because Bose is engaged? Then come the aunties. “Kunle ti gage Bose” They’ve what? Public wedding and proposal is not by force. The further away it is and low-key, the better. 

My wedding invitation list is very small. My mother’s list is another thing. I personally know like 30 people. If I don’t know your full government name and DOB, I’m sorry; you can’t come to my wedding. 

If I can’t call you at 2am to cry and ask for help, I’m sorry, you can’t come to my wedding. When I say “my wedding” I mean the white because you know the trad is property of my parents. Just because you invited me 2 your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll come to mine. I don’t like pressure. I still like you so we’re cool. These are my preferences o. I just don’t want anyone to be shocked when the time comes.”