I was up and about when I saw a man stocking his car booth with old Nollywood films in video cassettes (omg, who remembers them?) and I was wondering where he got all the films from.

There was a flash, an excitement and then the films I saw inspired this article.

News making rounds is that Ramsey Noah is going to remake one of our timeless classics and it is going to be on the screens soon. The film, “Living in Bondage” is planned to be released this year and there are a lot of expectations. I expect so much from the re-make. While we wait for what we will get, for now let me take you back in time and talk about films I would love to see remade, with new actors, better production quality, an advancement in script writing and so much more.

Full Moon (1998)


Regina Askia played the lead in this production. A child blessed with powers she couldn’t control. She uses that power against her uncle and those that offend her. Remember that big eagle in the bush that picks people using its beak? I can’t wait to see how the New Nollywood recreates this and I believe Somkele Idahlama will do a great job in this role.

Diamond Ring (1998)


 One of Nollywood’s most iconic films featuring a buzz cast including Liz Benson, Bimbo Akintola, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Teju BabyFace and Bukky Ajayi will make for an exciting remake. I have not seen an engaging thriller in Nollywood for a long time now. Who wouldn’t rush to the theater to see this? There is something about thrillers films and I would love to see the new actor that take over Liz Benson’s ghost character.

Domitilla (1996)


Another movie with a girls’ clique but with deep and reflective story, it will be beautiful to re-make this story to appeal to the present audience. It was a social-conscious film and we need more of them these days. Not in the way some girl clique films are produced though. A little magic and good actors should give us a film that can be promoted to young women about values.

Take Me To Mama (2002)


 There is no way, you will watch this film without crying, Saint Obi, grows up in a good family with a supportive mother, he becomes an armed robber along the way and when it’s time for him to turn his life around, he remembers home, the good training and he just wants to be taken to Mama. Don’t you think Blossom Chukwujekwu would do an excellent job in this role?

The Amazing Grace by Jeta Amata (2006)


 I will say do not re-make this, except Jeta is actually doing the work himself. This film is an excellent creation of Jeta. Beautiful! Mbong Amata gives a lovely performance in this film, which kick-started her career in Nollywood. I would love to see Jeta direct again and maybe with a room full of new actors.

World Apart (2004)

World Apart.jpg

Ini Edo’s career has a lot to thank this film for. This film basically introduced Ini to us. I will like to see a remake of this film with an unknown actress, as pretty and talented as Ini and with the ability to spark a little laughter. We need this type of comedy.

There is no way you can tell me Nollywood has not done a good job with its stories in the past. I refuse to believe it. Really good films were released and good actors were available. The only problem was with production quality. A remake

A remake does not necessarily mean there are no new stories to be told, they just take us back in time with polished versions.

What do you think, what movies would you like to be re-made?