So, like I always do, I watch Emem Isongs movies and I keep having the same problem with her work. Too much TALK. Like the writers guide book Story says, SHOW, DON’T TELL.

I’ll start with the bad and go to the good. Please, if you are reading to get only good things written by Joy, you are in for a disappointment. I do not write happy endings, I write realities and truth. No one has promised that the road will be layered with petals of roses; even at that, roses have thorns. I write harshly about our movie industry because I am only pointing out what is bad and needs attention. Malaria drugs weaken you to cure you so, here I go on Emem Isong

I admire her a lot. I loved her story a time to love. (if Desmond Elliot were not in it that is).

Reloaded. Hmm. too long drawn out scenes, too much talk and the characters were not individualized at all. Yes, they each had a different story, but each one had long long lines to say and that made the characters merge. They became one people. When you watch a movie, you want to forget that one person wrote it. You want the people to feel real; different. Reloaded does not have that. Emem, cut down on long lines of dialogue. I fast forwarded through most scenes because…. OK I get it. Stop with the long winded-ness already. All of Emems work is like that. talking and repeating and saying everything.

Stories are much more interesting when you let your audience figure out the debate and debate among themselves. Don’t give it all away. I enjoyed the dramatic scenes a lot. Why? something was actually going on. Like Ramsey Nouah and his wife’s’ story. His wife was good!! Great actress in the making and very beautiful too. She nailed it perfectly, especially when she returned home and got scared with suspicion that Ramsey had brought a woman home. I loved her performance. If there was any identifiable character, it was hers. A woman fighting to protect her marriage. Ramsey, Stephanie and Desmond Elliot. All that fake accent you guys had was just weird and I fast forwarded through every single Desmond Elliot scene.

Another issue I had with the story was that it had no meat on the bones. What exactly was Desmond’s issue with his wife? what went wrong? it was not obvious, maybe because I had my finger on the fast forward button. But then is was not clear why he did not like his wife. Was she fat? ugly? Why did he abuse her? You cannot just create an ambiguous monster. I am defending men here, why write a script where all the men are so bad, there is no redemption for them? it is such a feminist movie, it will not do well with an intelligent, open minded audience at all. At least give the men a motive to be monsters and allow the audience to choose a side. That is what makes a movie interesting, when you are rooting for the bad guy. I am not saying you should root for the bad guy but when you CAN root for the bad guy, it makes the movie complex and interesting.

Uche Jombo. Need I say something about her? What exactly was she doing in there? pouting and stretching her neck? Anyway. Rita Dominic; I expected her performance to come out more relaxed and less show-offy and forced. All her lines were forced and obviously an attempt to convince and she failed miserably. Hallo, we’ve already seen what you are now repeating to us. The narrator part of the plot needed better handling. Van Vcker and Stephanie’s story did not convince me one bit. I mean come on. The audience ain’t that stupid. Kidnapping? six abortions in seven years? An intelligent woman like Stephannie’s character being so gullible for seven years? Oh no!! Come again.

The entire movie was repetitive and it tried too hard. For someone like Emem Isong who has been doing this for a while, I expect not an attempt, but an on point. You cannot TRY with a screenplay. You MUST nail it.

The stories were very strong but the structure was not very well executed. But it is a great film to watch but as a distraction only. Unless you are into the whole feminist, men are evil and simple minded movie class, you will fast forward through a number of scenes. Not because of the story, but because of the performances of some of the actors and also because it is repetitive and dialogue driven. Technically, it was a step above the others. Well shot and well produced by our standards of course.

All I needed from the movie was MOTIVES. That will have made it more interesting and dramatic. A movie without drama is a soap opera.

thank you oh!!

Joy Della Ocloo for