Ruby Ojiakor denies dating Junior Pope

Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor has denied claims that she was in a romantic relationship with her late colleague, Junior Pope, before his demise.

Following the death of the actor, Ojiakor devoted her social media platforms to mourning and demanding justice for Junior Pope, leading to rumours that they engaged in extramarital affairs.

The rumour became stronger when Jennifer, the widow of the actor, who died in a boat mishap on his way from a movie shoot, unfollowed Ojiakor on Instagram shortly after her husband was laid to rest.

Finally addressing the rumours in a video message shared via her Instagram page, Ojiakor denied the allegations that she was romantically entangled with Junior Pope, adding that the late actor isn’t the father of her child, Royalty.

“Junior Pope was never my boyfriend. There’s no intimacy between myself and Junior Pope. We never dated. Junior Pope was never my intimate friend. He was just my friend. He was more than a friend. He was my big brother,” she said.

“I also see a lot of posts, some persons will just screenshot and send to me and say, ‘Look at what they’re saying, they said he [Junior Pope] is Royalty’s father.’ I just looked at it and I laughed. How can people reason this way? Please and please, Junior Pope is not Royalty’s father. He’s not my daughter’s father. I just want to clarify this.”