VETERAN actor, Sam Loco, has kicked the smoking habit for almost two years now, and that is good news because at his age, Loco was reportedly smoking away his heart with a minimum of eight packs a day.

He had also kicked beer habit, which reliable reports say he used to consume over a carton daily. Well, the not too good news is that Uncle Loco has switched over to another alcoholic beverage popularly called Alomo Bitters. Believed to be medicinal (a claim many have disputed), Uncle Loco practically drowns himself in the ‘medicinal’ concoction from Ghana.

He takes along about seven mini bottles daily to location. How he manages to stay on his feet and play his movie roles is what researchers (possibly from the UK) will attempt to find out.

Verdict: At almost 70 years of age; Loco is a super human being!

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