This year happens to be a ‘Zero Chill’ and ‘dramatic season’ due to different drama happening between Nigerian celebrities on social media.

Popular socialite, Philanthropist, popularly known as Hushpuppi is a Malaysian Returnee known for his flamboyant lifestyle which he often shows off on social media.

Over the weekend, the socialite and Nigerian singer, Davido had a social media brawl and Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus meddled in while supporting the singer.

Hushpuppi threw a shade at Davido after his spent over 11 million naira in a day at Quilox club then came on social media to say this:

“Tonight is the night to let you all knowi didn’t go and count bridge in Malaysia for 4 years. There is a difference between omo baba olowo and baba olowo.”

After seeing the shade, Davido clapped back at the socialite saying: “thank you lord for your blessings, niggas pulling up on the internet and be sending the OG’s (emissary) to beg on their behalf in real life. #behind the scene.”

Meddling in, Eniola Badmus Questioned hushpuppy the source of his wealth, she wrote: “ I have a job and the world can testify to it, if I may ask where do you work or let me say what do you do? Balu, build a wall not a war, remember you begged for a follow back on IG, zero negative vibes hushpuppy.”

Although many fans had lambasted the actress who disclosed that Hushpuppi begged Davido for a follow back on social media, as many were of the opinion that she shouldn’t have meddled in at all.

What do you guys?

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