The adultery scandal of founder of OMF church, Apostle Suleiman seems to be getting more interesting as the day goes by.

With many caught in the middle of whom to believe, more secrets seems to be unveiling and the latest happens to be about Nollywood Diva, Daniella Okeke.

Stephanie Otabio, the alleged estranged lover of Apostle Suleiman in a recent press conference disclosed Daniella Okeke as the OMF Founder’s ex-Lover.

After the revelation, the actress had taking to her social media calling the Canada based singer, Stephanie, a demon from the pit of hell.

Well, Sahara Reporters who broke the story decided to dig further and findings revealed that, the Mercedes Benz 450 GL Daniella claimed to have bought in 2016 was gifted to her by Apostle Suleiman.

This information was gotten by a new website for vehicle registration in Lagos state which unveils the ownership of any vehicle by its number due to a bug on the webpage.

Investigation went further and it was also disclosed that the actress’s new house at Mende, Maryland in Lagos was also bought by Apostle Suleiman.

Following the exposure of her Mercedes, Lagos state Vehicle Registration Website has removed Apostle Suleiman’s name as the owner of the Mercedes Benz.



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