Since the drama of Big Brother Naija started showing on air, a lot of Nigerians including men of God had aired their disapproval. However, Seyi Law, the comedian doesn’t take along the route because he believes in something else. He had fought a pastor who wanted the show to be blocked due to the high level of body exposure.

He said “I believe that the main objective of Big Brother Nigeria is to foster unity among the different tribes in the country and also promote our culture. Different things have happened in the house that was envisaged by the organisers and that’s why the show was rated 18+ in the first place. DSTV also put parental control in place, so I don’t see any reason why someone would find the show offensive.

He explained “ I don’t promote immorality and I preach against it but because we’re now watching it live on TV doesn’t mean that other people don’t have skeletons in their cupboards. Nobody is a moral judge over anybody because what you find offensive may not be deemed offensive by the next party. We usually complain about nudity but we forget that before the advent of clothes, Africans were always nude and nobody found it offensive. As regards the pastor who threatened to put a curse on the organisers of Big Brother Nigeria, it makes me wonder what Bible he reads.

He added “Many of the companies sponsoring this competition employ lots of people and impact several lives. What would be their fate if the curse comes to pass? Even in the Bible, when God put a curse on mankind, it cost Him his only son to erase that curse, so these are not things that should be uttered with reckless abandon,” he said.