When it comes to acting, delectable screen diva, Shan George, is not a rookie. She has proved over time, both in Yoruba and the English genres, that she has got the talent.

And it looks as if acting has paid off for the mulatto actress for she could definitely qualify as a Lagos big babe.

Scandals have trailed her since she came into the movie industry, but like her or hate her; Shan does not give a care.

She loves having fun and it seems nothing could stop her from catching her fun even when she is alone.

And it was in that fun mood that Life and Beat caught Shan recently in the ever-busy Allen Avenue, Lagos. Shan, alone in her RAV 4 jeep, was blasting her music to high heavens and dancing while on the wheels.

She was indeed having a great time while trying to ignore the frustrating traffic jam.

A poor beggar, who may have thought the happy damsel behind the wheel of the ‘machine’ would ‘drop’, went to Shan’s car and begged and begged.

But it was as if Shan was not in a Father Christmas mood as she ignored the beggar, picked up her phone and was gisting and laughing with whoever was on the other end of the line. The poor beggar quietly and somberly moved on to another car