In recent times, Ogun State has become a haven for ritualists as many suspects have been arrested with skulls and other human parts in different parts of the state.

This time, a woman’s skeleton has been found in a pastor’s house that is situated at Peace Land Estate, Akute, Ogun State.

This horrifying event was unveiled when the owner of the pastor’s house tried to evict him from his flat over late payment of rent.

“The pastor did not pay his rent for a year. The landlady, who was angry with the situation of things, stormed his home with some people in-order to evict him, but were shocked when they discovered a human skeleton inside,” a source said.

The incident attracted a lot of people to the scene and the police was called. The pastor has confessed that the skeleton belongs to to his sister. According to him, his parents had just three children – himself and two sisters. He said he lived with them in the flat. One of his sisters named Funmi has not been seen 2010 and she allegedly died and was abandoned in the house. The deceased was kneeling on the ground when she died

When people asked about her, “he would say she went to the mountain,” said the source. The pastor has been arrested.