Yesterday, Nigerian senate turned down the bill of gender equality presented to them and this has stirred reactions from our popular celebrities who has been advocating for equality between men and women.

Sensational singer, Waje Iruobe had to lend her 10 pence on the trending issue, pleading on the senate to reconsider their decisions with the reasons she presented.

“After yesterday’s news on gender equality and the Senate, I feel compelled to talk about what exactly the problem is. The problem is not that women want to take over from men.
Gender equality is not about bashing men or shouting that a woman is better than a man. It’s about the acknowledgement of the potential and contributions of women and the legal support and creation of opportunities for women to maximise their potentials in the same way men are allowed to. It is nothing to be terrified about, it is something to be cheered. We are all products of strong amazing women who have contributed in the most crucial ways to whomever we are today. Women are our mothers, our sisters, our wives, our friends, our supporters, our teachers. A woman should be given the opportunity to be whatever she wants to be. It is not too much to ask.
Don’t forget we are in this together to bring out the best of each other #5050,’’ she wrote