I married quite early in life. My marriage was more of an accident than love which I thought it to be at first. This was because I had a lot of romantic ideas on my head. Tony, a tall, fair complexioned guy was the ladies toast at the time he met me. I was almost 18 and in form four. I had no experience of love except what I read in novels. The stories girls of my age tell, was also a source of worry to me. Some tell you pure romantic stories that look too good to be true. Some will also tell you stories that will not only arouse your urge and interest but will make you feel less important or ugly if you do not have any boy friend. As a matter of fact, girls of my age will readily ostracise you if after repeated tutorials; they discover you have not yet opened the gate of your heart for love. When such happens they give you names and even go to the extent of peddling ugly stories about you. Such situation is not only irritating but a snag in ones assumptions .

If you have the believe you are beautiful and appreciable, then there should be no reason at 18 ,no person had shown interest in you .Your claims will not only be rubbished but other annoying factors may be added to it. There could be allegations that you are possessed, unclean, smelling or lack manners .If you do not do any thing to redeem your image quickly, such will be the standard you will be placed. So every girl that felt she is up to standard looks up to being hooked. Such was the situation of my time. I was determined not to rush into what I will regret in life. But despite my resolve, I made a serious mistake that kept haunting me till date. I have this weakness for handsome men. Any man that is handsome weakens me .Though I was able to hide this from my friends but any handsome man that comes close to me. will quickly notice this. Tony was such a man. My first contact with him was as pleasing as any thing I can think of.

He was so nice in his ways. He was humble and truthful to me. He showered me with compliments and acknowledged my beauty. So when he politely asked that I accompany him to lunch I gladly accepted. We did not go far or to a hidden place. This relaxed my mind. We went to a very nice place near my school and he ordered for foods. After the food, Tony put his right hand on my shoulder, looked at me straight in the eyes and asked me if I will be his friend. I was surprised, not that I did not expect it but his approach was humble. I smiled and refused to look at him again. He continued, I am a businessman based in Abuja and I am thinking of marriage also. If you can only give it kind thoughts I will be glad, he told me. I merely managed to control my happiness. I refused to give him any answer. Tony showed maturity and asked me to think about it for a whole week. I had nothing to think about .Indeed, I was eagerly waiting for him .

The Sunday he promised to see me was too long to come. That Sunday I refused to go to church. I prepared early and waited for him. He came by 2p.m. and apologised for keeping me waiting. I was flustered, but pretended I did not hear him. He came close to me and held my hands. A sensational current went through my body. He dragged me up and kissed me passionately, increasing the sensation. He dropped me as if he made a mistake and then asked me to accompany him to his apartment. I followed without questions. Tony lived in a nice decent place. I felt relaxed. He started playing with me after he had entertained me. First, he cracked jokes and gradually he started touching me. I did not resist . The touching graduated to when he called me sweet and sweetest Tina, I lost control. It was not up to two months that I discovered that I was pregnant. I was confused and did not know what to do. The first thing that came to my mind was to go back to Tony. I went to Abuja to see him. He accepted the pregnancy and agreed to marry me.

We lived happily for five years before the devil decided to wreck havoc on me. In the five years we lived as husband and wife, God had blessed us with three children, two boys and a girl. Tony’s interest in me started to wane after the third child. It was like a dream to me because it was unbelievable to me. We loved each other and were very close. If this is what fate has in store for me, I reasoned, I will not accept it. I did everything to bring Tony’s interest back but was shocked to know that his interest was far from me. I could not pin it to any woman but I was convinced he is seeing some one else. The situation came to a boiling point when Tony refused to touch me for a whole month. It is not what I could bear. I decided to revenge. I had no plans but I know the type of person I am looking for. So when Alex, a tall dark young man showed interest in me I responded without delay. We were not quite two months into the relationship before Tony got wind of it.

He set a trap for us and we were caught like small kids in their first love experience. We were caught kissing passionately at a dark spot near our house. Tony did not give me time to explain. He drove me out of the house to nowhere. I could not go back to the village because of the circumstances of my marriage. The only option left to me was to go to Lagos and I had no place to. I arrived late in the evening and slept at the park. The next day I set off to Ikotun believing I could at least get an uncompleted building to rest my head. I got one and started life anew. A lot of ideas came to my mind on how to survive but I could not do anything because I had little money. Everyday I got apprehensive because the money I had was running out. I was in this situation when Ann, a woman I knew from nowhere came to my assistance. She offered to accommodate me in her home.

I went to live with them. Ann was married and lived in a three-bedroom flat with her husband, a handsome man in any description. I lived with them for just two months before the devil struck. Ann caught me pants down with the husband one fateful day. She merely controlled her furry that day. The next day she ordered me out of her house. Stupidly I refused to leave. She fought with all her strength and threw my things out. I left to nowhere, now I am homeless. My only regret is that I offended the very person that helped me.