Nigerian comedian, Okey Bakassi, has reacted to claims of comedians making light the message of God by some Pastors. In a chat with Saturday Beats, Okey Bakassi stated that Pastors who question why comedians are quick to crack jokes about Christianity and say little or nothing about other religions, are speaking out of ignorance.

The comedian said;

“I think sometimes people talk out of ignorance. With due respect to what people believe in; when some of these pastors talk, you see a lot of ignorance. If you do not understand some aspects of a business, you either keep quiet or ask questions.

“You can also do your research. We do not talk so much about Islam simply because most comedians are Christians and we understand our own religion more than other religions, so we try to stay away from subjects we know nothing about.

“Do you want us to talk about a religion we know nothing about and stand the risk of misinforming the public as opposed to talking about what we know and understand? Even the pastors, do they talk about Islam on the pulpits? Is it not Christianity they talk about and don’t they make light of some things in the Bible just to get their message across?

“So why is it that some people just like to pick on comedians as if we are the only problem they have? I think it is ignorance.”

some  pastors are   ignorance – Okey Bakassi