Someone is seriously digging into the life of BBNaija housemate, T-boss. It is alleged that she is hiding a baby just like Thin Tall Tony and Gifty tried to do.  However, T-boss sister has come out to deny the rumour.

Since T-boss revealed the high class men who have beeb trying to jump in bed with her, the radar has been turned on her.

The sister said “Is TBoss hiding a baby or possibly a man? The correct answer is NO NO NO NO NO NO. This is not a TTT situation. The man in question is a friend of TBoss and has a wife and that’s his baby. I do not think it’s a crime to have a friend. The rumors going around are totally false. TBoss wishes to have her own family soon but is Single at the moment. Ask @miss_goldilocks and I will tell you the real truth and nothing but the truth?”

Now, the rumour can rest as we watch T-boss take on the other housemate in the game even though she said that the money is not her problem.