A caustic tongue specializes in slicing, dicing, running down the personality, actions, plans, goals of others. Destructive and not constructive criticism is the hall mark of such an individual who possesses such tongue. Its been argued that caustic tongues are more evident in the females, perhaps because of their natural tendencies to love gossiping, back biting, feasting on details rather than the brief straight to the point attitude of their male counterparts. However, despite the brevity formula adopted by the men, a good number of them intermittently unleash the caustic venom from their tongues.

Naturally, the tongue enables us to communicate effectively with others. Humans find themselves in various situations, some good, some bad and some ugly. The ability to know the right thing to say, when and how to say it does not exist in the vocabulary of those with caustic tongues. They sometimes portray an icy, tough outlook, but grapple inwardly with emotional turmoil, envy, subtle inferiority complex, never see the good in what others do or want to do, and a few other vices. They are naturally on the offensive and easily put off folks around them. “here comes the joy killer” becomes an anthem sang by friends/colleagues.

A tongue can be a weapon of mass destruction and kindle a great fire. It has been the one tool responsible for breaking up relationships, marriages, dashing dreams, making one feel worthless, hopeless and inferior to others. Those with caustic tongues should learn when to zip their lips and not just speak because they want to. Throwing civility to the wind is their norm and sometimes believing that by being down to earth from their perspective, they’ll drive home their points without mincing words. If you are a victim of the caustic fever, you should learn to put a clip on your tongue, because one day you’ll need someone around to say the right things that would ease the pain and might never find anyone!

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