Allegations of infidelity and other issues trailed her 6 year marriage to actor Prince Eke, but Muma Gee has chosen to break her silence on what actually happened that led to the break up.


In an exclusive interview with Saturday Beats, she admitted the signs were there that Eke wasn’t exactly the best man for her before the marriage, but she still went ahead to marry him.

Muma said she was as submissive as any wife could be, giving up her career and all that she had built over the years to become a full time housewife.

“I gave up my career; I gave up all I had built over the years to become a full time housewife. It is enough sacrifice for somebody to say thank you.

If knees could peel based on prayers, mine would have had sores because I prayed ceaselessly for my marriage to work.
Eke had accused his estranged wife of abandoning their three kids to go frolicking with men, an allegation she vehemently denied. She said there was no way she could mess around so soon after child birth.

Muma said she had to go for a show even while nursing a baby to make ends meet because her husband could not provide for the family.

Responding to rumours of infidelity, Muma said it was actually her ex who was the unfaithful one in the marriage;

“He had an affair with the DCO of the police station in the area we lived in Port Harcourt.

Two of them used to wear the same attire to attend police functions.

Everybody felt the policewoman was the wife of my ex. This DCO is even a married woman.

On her involvement in her husband’s kidnap and fetish activities, she said:

“He was kidnapped in December 2015. I know how I fought and raised money to pull him out. I paid the ransom with my money.

I was put through the highest trauma of my life. His brothers conspired with their other relatives and they gathered in their home that I wanted their brother dead. They said I must swear an oath. I was shocked. I told them I was not going to swear.

I removed my shoes and on bare feet, I told them that God was watching us. I told them I was not picked on the street by their brother.

I told them that all of them that tried to humiliate me, may whatever they did to me be accrued to their daughters and sisters.”

She continued:

“My ex eventually became born again after he was released from the kidnappers’ den.

He went to church and gave testimony that he was filming in Asaba and he left Asaba for Owerri where he had gone to see a native doctor who had given him a ring.

He said he was on his way back to Port Harcourt when the kidnappers accosted him.”

Muma also talked about the domestic violence she alleges she suffered in the hands of her ex, saying she loaned him some money and when she asked him to repay, he tried to choke her and moved out of the house.

She said that she had rebranded career wise and was back bigger and better to take her place.

Meanwhile, Saturday Beats reached out to Prince Eke to get his own side of the story, his phone was switched off. He did not acknowledge the text message that was also sent to him.