Dear Helen Ukpabio

While writing my first open letter to you, I was not under any illusion that you would bend easily to the voice of reason or trail the path of honour in your sustained efforts at maiming, killing and further worsening the plights of innocent Nigerian children through the medium of your deranged teaching and egomaniacal disposition. Legion of Nigerians and international citizens have expressed their dismay at your atrocities and the abundance of your un-Godly act towards innocent children. Your warped and tainted belief has been exposed to the whole world and you currently remain a supreme embarrassment to Christendom. The other time Mark Oppeinheimer wrote to alert Americans of the dangers which you constitute, your almajiris invoked hell and brimstones with the ferocity with which they descended on the conscientious journalist who was only carrying out a humanitarian function in accordance with the tenets of his profession. Unlike some miscreant called BabajideKolade- Otitoju.

Again, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) specifically commented on your ignoble role in the violation of the rights of children. The UNICEF report was particularly serious as it spared no words in describing the dangers that you and your ilk pose to innocent children. On this note, may I once again congratulate you, Helen, on your good fortune of being a Nigerian? It is very pertinent to repeat it here that in a civilised country, you would be safely ensconced within the four walls of a penitentiary. I hasten to add that I am not the only one with this view. One of my good friends would never fail to stress that “Helen Ukpabio is a nutcase. In any normal place she would be a lonely creature muttering to herself while walking on the streets and scaring small children in the process.”

Richard Bartholomew has also had more than a fair share of the vitriolic of your unorganised mob confusedly led by one other miscreant called Edidiong Udoh. Richard Bartholomew runs a blog which has devoted sufficient attention to the issue of child abuse and the role of child tormenters like your dear self. Unfortunately, his blog has been invaded by mobs led by Udoh who variously posted under ridiculous pseudonyms, but like the proverbial golden fish, was caught out as one and the same person in the end. A taster is available to interested readers –

This mob has been spewing falsehood, primitive abuses, hatred, misinformation and what have you, all in the fashion of your brand of Christianity which consists of nothing more than falsehood, superstition and misinformation. A thorough analysis of your deranged mob (almajiris) reveals a very interesting pattern. The initial arrowhead was Victor Ukutt with his pseudo-intellectualism and half baked legal education. He found it difficult to stop the tide of public opinion against your archaic and condemnable practices and hence the job swung to Babajide Koalde-Otitoju who attempted to do a yeoman’s job but failed woefully. Now, you have thrown decorum to the winds and fully embraced hoodlums like Edidiong Udoh. Udoh might appear to be doing a good job, to your intrinsically illiterate and village mindset, in reality he epitomises the way the whole world sees you – a deranged evangelist with a harem of mad followers. Your favourite theme presently is fighting the delusion of the invasion of Nigeria by atheists. You have a particular fascination for Leo Igwe of the Nigerian Humanist Movement. You have preached at various fora of the imminent take-over of Nigeria by atheists. Edidiong Udoh went further, apparently at your instruction, to create a website devoted to fighting atheists –

The home page of this ignoble site, which has contributed nothing to the intellectual, spiritual or socio-political development of Nigerians or the whole world at large, currently hosts another fallacy in the typical Helen Ukpabio manner. This time around, it is about Leo Igwe and Dr Olusegun Fakoya being one and the same person (LEO IGWE- A MAN WITH DUAL IDENTITY; ALSO PARADES HIMSELF AS DR OLUSEGUN FAKOYA – This is really a ridiculous bit better conjured by people who should be put in straight jackets and permanently locked up. It was not enough for your supporters to jubilate in a very un-Christian manner when Leo’s father sustained injuries to an eye in a gun attack by unknown people. They even threatened more horrific attacks. Now is the time for distortion of two different personalities.

Dear Helen, I hastily admit that it is not the best of times for someone to bear the name Helen Ukpabio. Despite your ill-gotten and blood-soaked wealth, your name is synonymous with tyranny and oppression to children and vulnerable adults. This is because in your uncontrolled desire for opulence, you twisted an established religion, mixed it with superstition and heavy doses of untruths and misinformation. Ironically, you turned around to call it a Liberty religion. Your story is all the more pathetic because you are a self-confessed wife of Lucifer who was betrothed to Satan himself at the age of 14 years whilst with the Olumba Olumba cult. From all indications, Helen, it does not appear as if you have succeeded in breaking your bonds with Lucifer. This is because your actions are still very demonical and antisocial, only capable of being perpetrated by someone in a lifetime allegiance with the devil. Interestingly, in a reaction, a member of your old cult, the Olumba Olumba sector, described you as an evangelist of darkness (A WORD FOR HELEN UKPABIO – EVANGELIST OF DARKNESS –

The key question is that despite your persistent and abrasive denial and dismissal of the plights of the thousands of children roaming the streets of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states, has the fate of these children been made any better? The sad answer is a capital NO. The situation remains as pathetic as ever and this formed the thrust of the UNICEF report, that is, the importance of repentance on the part of religious charlatans like you so as to become useful tools for social re-engineering. The CNN could also not just avert its gaze from what is a festering sore, hence the 3-part serialization in the CNN –Connect the World programme on Child Witch Stigmatization in Nigeria with a text report by Christian Purefoy. As typical, Christian Purefoy has had his share of the vitriolic of your rampaging mob.

Nigerian children especially those unfortunate enough to be located in the Akwa Ibom and Cross River axis are still having it rough. The Akwa Ibom state government is apparently getting uncomfortable with the undue attention brought on the state and is trying to sweep the problem under the carpet in the typical Nigerian fashion. A local government official was quoted as saying the problem is not as serious as being propagated. Apparently, Sam Itauma, Gary Foxcroft, the crew of CNN, Mark Oppeinheimer and numerous others must have invented the pictures and stories of those traumatized kids shown to the whole world. They must have actually put children on the streets with acid scars, nail scars and numerous scars on their bodies. They must have conjured that other irritating miscreant, self-styled Bishop Sunday Ulup and persuaded him to put his own blood in mercury solutions he prepared for those kids to drink. Really, the confusion which characterizes politics and leadership in Nigeria is pathetic and very sad. Very few arrests were made following the release of the film, Saving Africa’s Child Witches, and in fact, no prosecution was completed. The government hastily passed a bill that protects the rights of children – end of matter. Implementation was left in abyss in a country notorious for its total disregard for promulgated laws. Helen, it is no wonder that you find it easy to survive, grow fat and preach your warped teachings in this sort of environment.

Your key argument has been that no single child has ever pointed an accusing finger at you. On the surface, this seems like a comfortable platform for undeserved self justification. However, looking at it further, what if there is no child alive to point an accusing finger at you? What if such potential accusers have been maimed and killed by their hapless parents? After all, we all know that many kids do actually die in the aftermath of terror unleashed by parents and communities following their stigmatization. Leaving this aside, the other issue which supremely indicts you is the aspect of your writings and teachings. And these you cannot erase. To your dishonor are books and films depicting the dangers of child witchcraft. To date, you have not denounced such profanities and you still go about proclaiming to those who cared to listen that you are specially ordained to make the life of children miserable. Your legacy is filled with odium and filth.

Once again, Helen, your name in present times is not an enamoured jewel. You have my sympathy in this regard. If for nothing else, your nefarious activities have assumed international dimension and this has been a cause of consternation on the part of your standing soldiers, your almajiris. No one was deceived that the struggle for the emancipation of the rights of the Nigerian Child would be a child play.

However, the ferociousness of your almajiris (who in the typical and deranged manner of all brainwashed almajiris – uncouth, barbaric, crude and ironically comical), have added a banal dimension to the oddity which you are. For a long while, I decided to maintain silence, not out of acquiescence but out of respect to the numerous organizations and individuals, both local and international, who took up the mantle of protests on behalf of us poor Nigerians. However, for not reigning in your lunatic mob properly and confusedly trying to infer that Leo Igwe and Olusegun Fakoya are one and the same person, you took the joke too far.

I am safely and securely located in the United Kingdom where I am practicing my medical profession unhindered. Leo Igwe is actively fighting socio-political injustices campaigning for the emancipation of mankind without the encumbrances of uncontrolled religious fervour. I wonder how two people divided by geography and time could be the same. Not only this, Leo Igwe has demonstrated now and again, his conviction and his unparalleled courage, such that he does not need to hide under a pseudonym to operate. But of course, all these would be too much for you and your almajiris to understand. Despite everything, your village mindset is still your albatross. It is so ingrained in you and will eventually be your waterloo. I am Olusegun Fakoya and I dey kampe!

Pentecostalism remains a sour grape in the mouths of many Nigerians. Those who have watched helplessly while unscrupulous elements like you continue to rape and despoil the land with twisted religious ideals, preaching fantasies and associating openly and shamelessly with thieves and criminals. Indeed, Pentecostalism is a problem and the symptom of a larger problem, like Pius Adesanmi submitted. It is only encouraged by the inherent Nigerian malaise, that penchant for perpetuating ignorance and poverty on the part of leadership and the supreme indifference to the plight of the poor masses. Dear Helen, you have thrived so far in this tainted environment, accumulating so much blood-soaked wealth that your reasoning has been completely twisted. Just so because of this unlimited freedom, you have now focussed on breeding rats and vermin, the likes ofBabajide Kolade -Otitoju and Edidiong Udoh, the arrow heads of a disgusting race of almajiris. However, you may take comfort (or discomfort, if you prefer) from the fact that we will not shy away from the struggle. One again, you may also wish to inform your rampaging mob that my name is Olusegun Fakoya, a distinct personality from Leo Igwe. And I dey kampe!

Obviously, I would get in touch very soon.