Unarguably,top actor James Ikechukwu Esomugha,popularly called Jim Iyke within the movie cycle and beyond has indeed paid his dues in film making business.Aside his regular movie roles which have fetched him millions,Jim endorsed Globacom Telecommunication for one season and was handsomely paid.Still,the sexy actor is equally a car dealer,which has proven to be another area where he has made millions from.

Despite all these,Jim has lived with alleged fraudulent stories chasing after him in the past two years.It is no longer news that he is in fresh trouble over fraudulent practices,as he is facing a court case in an Abuja Magistrate Court over an alleged N15 million fraud.

According to the story,the sexy dude was alleged to have deceived a lady named Habiba Abubakar into acquiring 15 percent equity shares of his company worth N15 million.According to the source,on August 8,2011 Jim admitted to have allowed Ms. Abubakar to pay money into his Oceanic Bank Account,but deviated from the plans of investing it,rather diverted the money to his personal use.It was equally alleged that the complainant who confronted this Anambra State born entertainer,was beaten up and threatened by him.

His counsel,Esther Uzoma,pleaded with the court to grant him bail on self recognition,while promising that he would not jump bail.Chief Magistrate Okeagu Azubike granted the accused bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in like sum.However,some are alleging that Ms. Abubakar is an estranged lover of Jim Iyke who embarked on the share business with him when the emotional bond between them was still strong,but surfaced to get a pound of his flesh as the romance has crashed irretrievably many years back.

Although the fate of this actor is still undecided as the case was adjourned till December 9,it has reawakened the former scam scandal that trailed this actor in the past.

Recall that early lasy year,news filtered that this gifted cum gorgeous actor was involved in a N14 million fraud.Jim was alleged to have perpetrated the scam with the name of an orphanage home in Kaduna,called Adonai Orphanage Home and Widows Centre.

According to the information gathered then,Jim claimed to be not only sponsoring few children in the home,but also funding this home and as a result,he took to the streets of Nigeria and beyond to raise funds from philanthropic individuals with the reputable name of this charity organization which has existed for 10years.

Soon,the story broke that this sexy was not remitting any cash donations from people to Adonai Home,as he was said to have visited the home once and gave the management the sum of N40,000 during the launch of his foundation at the Federal Capital Territory,Abuja.Subsequently,it was alleged that next contacts he had with Adonai Proprietress,Margaret Afuwape was through telephone calls where he allegedly revealed to her that people who made pledges to give them funds are not redeeming such vows and as such he did not have any money to give them.But while Jim was explaining his predicament with the donors some people alleged that he raised the whooping sum of N14million for the orphanage home and refused to remit it to the proper channel.

Eventually,the talented actor who has garnered local and international reputation denied all the allegations,but when asked if Jim was sponsoring any child or funding the home as claimed,Mrs.Afuwape stated: No Jim has not been sponsoring any child here;the only time he gave money to us was last year September when we went to Abuja for his foundation launch.He gave us N40,000 when we were returning and promised to give us more but we have not received anything from him because he said the people who pledged have not paid.They said they were going to sponsor two children,I sent their names but up till now,we have not gotten a reply.So they have not sponsored anybody here.What he told us is that the people who pledged have not redeemed their pledge hence he can’t get money to us.When he doesn’t owe me money,I can’t force him.What are we to do then?

He visited us last in year 2005 and we have since moved to another place and Jim doesn’t even know our new place.

He called two days ago January 29,2010 and complained that I was telling people he gave the orphanage N40,000 and that he doesn’t care.He said he was very disappointed in me so I told him I couldn’t lie since I am a minister of God.

I told him he has not been here to see us,he only sent his manager to invite us to Abuja last year that’s all.

Meanwhile,Jim Iyke tried to pull himself out from this scandal by replying the woman and settling his differences with his erstwhile girlfriend,Tutupie Sheriff who disseminated the news,as she ate her words and decided to withdraw the allegation she made against him. I rushed to tell the story and it was false.I have just found that the allegations were lies.My friends made me to say stuff like that.They gave me the impression that Jim hadn’t remitted the money raised at the fund raiser to the orphanage and I believed them.But now,just as I found out the truth,I asked them why they said so and they said they wanted to back me up because of the issues I was having with Jim She stated.

When asked for his side of the story,Jim disclosed that he will circulate statements on that regard,and till date nothing was done by the actor.However,the scandal lingered in people’s minds till two weeks back when the same form of controversy started pursuing Jim Iyke again.

It could equally be called to mind that Jim is one of the dandiest actors in Nollywood who babes in Nigeria and diaspora die to date.Sources have also alleged that super big babes have parted with millions through different means to Jim,in their desperate attempt to date him.Interestingly,no one in Nollywood has come up with any allegations against Jim bothering on fraud.

He has also remained a respected professional with his only incident being the beating some guys gave him at Benin airport sometime back,for walking out on set.Even then,the matter was settled and Jim went ahead to complete the shoot of their movie.Interestingly again,tales of dismeanor about Jim always come from his angry ex-babes.

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