Are you a lady? Do you have a crush on Idols West Africa revelation, Timi Dakolo and hoping to hook up with him someday soon? Forget it! As you read this, the singer’s heart has been snatched by a Kogi beauty. Right now, he’s in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital for the traditional wedding that is taking place today as a very private ceremony which only a few family members and friends will attend.

Sources say his lover, a light skinned beauty met the singer a couple of years ago and they started dating but press shy Timi made sure the relationship was conducted under utmost secrecy.

However, the pair began hanging out publicly when his widely acclaimed Ribbons & Roses Concert kicked-off last year as they were practically inseparable while the tour lasted.

“They just can’t have enough of each other,” an insider squealed to Off the Stage, “they are practically inseparable. You know Timi is press shy so he has managed to keep the relationship under wraps for so long but as soon as his Ribbons & Roses Concert kicked-off, she had to join him on tour as they couldn’t stay away from each other for long periods any more. She was on tour with him while Ribbons & Roses lasted. Timi has been so secretive about her; even those close to him don’t even know her name.”

According to the source, the couple had a baby boy last year.

“Timi was so excited when the baby boy arrived last year. The baby further bonded them together. In fact, the baby is a carbon copy of Timi.”

Timi shot to fame and stardom after he won the maiden and only edition of Idols West Africa in 2007. His debut album, Beautiful Noise was released last year. He is under Now Muzik management.