Actress, Maryam Charles, has joined other women who are becoming courageous to speak out against Gender violence against women – a fundamental issue in the society.

Nollywood actress, Maryam Charles has taken to her Instagram page to share her stand on physical abuse against women and she is not sugarcoating any of it.

In a lengthy post, the screen star said she condemned the act of domestic violence, stating that she sees no sense in why a real man would hit a woman.

She wrote:

“Everytime I hear a story where a man is said to have beaten up a woman, my heart bleeds. I just cannot understand it. Why would you do that to someone you claim to respect and in some cases love?

It just doesn’t make sense. And some men wonder why women are beginning to embrace a toxic form of feminism that involves hating men. Why wouldn’t they?

When some men think God placed them on this earth to lord over ladies. Let me shock you, that thing between your legs doesn’t make you more important than any woman out there. It’s just an organ that helps you pass your waste, it doesn’t make you a man!

Real men do not hit women. They do not think physical violence is the only way to make a woman fear them or put them under control. Real men do not believe in slaps or kicks or whatever. Treat a woman right and she will be yours in more ways than one. Treat her well and I dare say she will be ‘Submissive.’

I for one feel men who beat women should be punished to the full extent of the law. If a register can be created where thier names can be placed so future partners will know what they are getting into, the better.