Sunbo Adeoye is a Mother of two boys whose father is Nigerian music legend, Tuface Idibia, but she eventually married Pastor David Adeoye.

The dark beautiful is definitely enjoying her marriage with David with whom she is expecting their very first child.

Sunbo doesn’t stop praising her husband at every little chance she gets, for his selfless love towards her and the kids.

In a recent post where she was praising her hubby, a busy body fan had attacked her over her choice of words, and she didn’t let it slide at all as she made sure she schooled the fan.

She posted a picture of her hubby, David with her two sons, Nino and Zion and captioned it with ‘thank you lord for my 3 Hebrew boys’.

In no time, a fan asked her if her husband was also among the ‘boys’ implying that sunbo had no respect for her husband.

For clarity, she told the fan that she was well brought up as she explained the purpose and meaning behind the terms she used.

In her words: “Oh my! Glad you asked for clarity. The tem “3 Hebrew boys” is commonly used by my husband to describe the men in my life. (As it is in the book of Daniel- as men of men preserved by God from Harm).

Using this term doesn’t reduce him as the head God has placed over home and yes I call him baby too and it’s a term that describes our bond. So please don’t get it twisted, my parents and pastors taught me well.”