*Interview With Chief Tunde Oloyode

IN 1974 a young fresh faced graduate from the University of Ibadan arrived Lagos armed with a note from his Uncle. The note was meant for Christopher Kolade then Director of the NBCTV which was later to metamorphose into the Nigerian Television Authority. Christopher Kolade wrote him another note meant for Ambassador Segun Olusola then Director of Programs who still wrote him another note for Prince Dosunmu present Olowu of Owu kingdom who was then head of Drama and Music unit and even after that he still had to wait two months before finally being absorbed into the NBCTV.

I have known Chief Tunde Oloyode for only a few months but the values I have seen in him, his principles, his single minded dedication to his calling and craft and his love for people are surely the factors why all these icons of the media took him to heart when he arrived NTA in the early days. If you do not know maybe I should tell you that Chief Tunde Oloyode, “Egbons” as we call him has been around in television, advertising, stage and film since 1968, all of 42 years and was one of the driving forces behind the immense success of iconic television programs like the VILLAGE HEADMASTER, WINDS AGAINST MY SOUL, FOR BETTER FOR WORSE.

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