Thanks to a 4-year run on Amaka Igwe’s acclaimed ’90s series Checkmate and an immediate reunion in her hit 1996 film Violated, Richard Mofe-Damijo and Ego Boyo solidified themselves as one of Nollywood’s most iconic pairings.


Now, decades after they stole our hearts as two of our favourite fictional couples, both actors will reunite for a brand new TV series produced by RMD himself, The Mr X Family Show (we hope that name changes soon).

On Checkmate, which ran from 1991 to 1995, RMD played Segun Kadiri, an enemy-turned-lover of Ego Boyo’s character, Ann Haastrup. Then on Violated, RMD played Tega, a wealthy man who falls in love and marries Ego Boyo’s character, Peggy, who is considered to be below him.


Segun and Ann or Tega and Peggy?

The only news we’ve gotten about the new show is that it’s a drama-comedy and will feature the iconic pair back together again; and right now, that’s good enough for us.

Sharing the news of the reunion on his Instagram, RMD said:

“I hope that getting back together again on TV will tickle fans of Ann and Segun and the fans of Tega and Peggy, who have been craving to have them grace their TV screens again.

Ego and I are pretty excited about this and we hope the excitement catches on.”
While their relationship on the show remains unknown – RMD is asking fans on social media to try and figure it out – we’re gonna guess that they are a playing a happily married couple. No release date has been announced but we are already pretty excited.