Almost everyone would agree with us that Austin Jay Jay Okocha is one of the best soccer stars ever produced in Africa. The handsome and skillful football player thrilled us anytime he plays for Nigeria and his club side too. Yes, he told us in 2008 that he was retiring and we were part of those who witnessed the flamboyant party thrown by Tracia Eseigbe of Bold Faces TV show to celebrate Okocha’s exit from the national team.

Now, he is big time into business, making money from his wise investments and endorsements from multinational companies in Nigeria.

However, some people think that Okocha’s hangout, known as Number 10 on Saka Tinubu street, Victoria Island, Lagos, was not a wise investment. At a time, the club was enjoying patronage because of the perceived connection of Okocha to bring his friends to the place.

Soon, the club was closed down and Okocha spent some cool millions to renovate the place. We gathered that Okocha and his wife, Nkechi are doing all within reach to ensure that they get enough patronage. Our visits to the club in recent times show that the place is not getting much patronage. We noticed that only few cars are parked outside the club. The last two times we visited the place in October, we counted less than 10 cars.

Okocha needs to do something fast.”I bet he needs someone to help him get the place up and running” said a club attendant.

Any tip for Okocha on how to put the club back in running? Or is it a wrong investment?