US based Nigerian Gospel singer, Abiodun Koya has stated categorically that White men treat women with a lot of respect and regard unlike their black counterpart.

She said that most of the African men are filled with so much intimidation and insecurity and they always want to show off that they are the man in the relationship.

She advised ladies to be submissive to their partners because it is the will of God that the man becomes head over the woman. But she said that her act of submission is not to be mistaken as weakness and men should not abuse it.

“The way God has structured things, the woman is supposed to be under her man. Even though I’m well learned, I’m enlightened, that’s my mentality, that’s my opinion. You have to submit yourself to a man, not to be abused. When you are doing that, you’re doing it for God,” she said.

In one of her media interview, “Abiodun opened up on the kind of man she would like to marry,”My ideal man is kind, giving, down to earth, seriously intelligent, humorous, a deep thinker, supportive, ambitious, honest, wise, very patient, God fearing and  loyal 

I simply cannot stand men who are liars, selfish, double faced, egocentric, heartless and vain. I am talking about men who like to talk about themselves, show off and are all talk and no action. Such men lose their respect instantly from me