The Nigerian singer,on a chat with Funmi Iyanda on Ask Funmi Epistle which opened up on marriage, love and family, was asked his own take on a young man who does not want to get married.

This was when 9ice gave us the shock of our lives, he said that, there was a time when he decided not to get married.

9ice has four children from 3 women.One from his ex wife in 2008, twins from his ex girlfriend and one from his ex fiancé in 2014.

Despite all his exs, 9ice still gave us a second shocker.

“I think at late 20’s he still doesn’t understand what life is all about, he’s still too young.

I’m sure by the time he’s 30 he will change his mind. Biblically and Quranically you need to have a child. Where I’m from you dare not have a child, even if it’s one you will have.

My advice to him is, he’s still too young to have the basic knowledge about marriage, he should give it time.”“There was a time I said I would never get married. But now I know better. Men need marriage.”

It is a good thing that 9ice still believes in marriage and this means that he would still get married despite the failed relationships he’s had.