We have heard cases when some men are not too comfortable with their wives been on the spotlight due to the fear that stardom could make them misbehave.

Some actresses have been very lucky with their husbands showing support in their career while they pursue their dreams in full force.

In the case of Nollywood actress, Bose Alao who is married to a Nigerian playing for an international country, he wants her off the show business.

In a recent interview, the actress revealed that her footballer husband is not pleased with the idea of her being an actress and producer.

According to her, the main reason is the fact that she is hardly home due to shoots and the like while her husband is hardly home too, leaving the kids all alone.

Well it’s not hard to understand that the actress’s husband id only looking out for the best interest of his family.

In her words: “my husband has been trying financially but he is not happy about my profession, should I call it a sense of insecurity or what? I’m sure if I wake up and tell him someday that I’m quitting acting, he would leap for joy, he apparently doesn’t like the fact that he is not always home and I will not always be home too. But Acting is what I love doing.”

Don’t you think if pressure comes to shove, she might eventually quit?