This is what we call pure savage!!! It is coming from Gulder Ultimate Search (2007) runner up ,Melvin Oduah, who just responded to the lady who called him out for allegedly duping her.

The lady had claimed to have paid the Big Brother Africa contestant an unspecified amount of money to register her with a modelling agency, was a victim of celebrity impostors.

He told the victim of internet fraud. “@vikiblosom01 Whoever you are, Whatever happened to you is good for u. More grease to your elbows. Please keep it up!,”

He went on to warn others “At this point in time, all i will do is just laff my ass out. LMAO!!!! Like for real guys, AM DONE!,” he started off. “I have done everything humanly possible to warn, alert and remind u guys about situations like dis.”

“My IG handle is @melvin0duah Its a zero and not an O. And d reason it is so is because impersonators used my real name to open an account on IG before i joined IG. So i was forced to go with the option of using a zero as the O in my surname”.

He added “At this point, i’ll let the smart ones keep being smart and let the stupid ones to keep being stupid. Keep paying money and buying airtime for all d fake MELVIN ODUAHS out dere. Am done here guys. A word is enough for the wise.”