Light skinned Nollywood actress, Omalicha Elom has expressed her disappointment at the way some Nigerian ladies are glorifying internet fraudsters also known as Yahoo boys.

The Anambra State born script interpreter who is currently on set shooting her new movie, The Survivors, said that she can never have anything to do with any man that posses questionable wealth.

Omalicha Elom said: “I honestly, don’t understand why some girls are dating yahoo boys, after they know the source of their wealth. I hear them say, ‘na dem dey spend pass’. They steal from people and spend on you? I pity your generations. My dear, I have never in my life supported internet fraud and till I die I will never support them. As long as I know you are into any fraudulent activity, I will never give you my attention. These guys are destroying lives and giving our country bad name. I can’t date or have anything to do with any of them.”


On her relationship status, Miss Elom admitted she’s still single, but have learned certain lessons about relationships.
“I’m not in any serious relationship at the moment. The sad part is that, sometimes you break your own heart by falling in love with people you should have just had s-x with and moved on,” she squealed.