Nigeria seems to be polluted with wicked souls. Hardly a day goes by without news of injustice or inhumanity happening somewhere.

The worst of it all is the issue of child abuse that has been taking place in the country constantly now. All efforts to stop violent behavior towards this kid seem unreachable.

A 28-year-old woman identified as Mary Mathew has been arrested by the men of the Ondo State Police Command for child abuse.

She caged her four years old  foster daughter for five months in a village called Imafon village,Akure south local government, Ondo state.

The accused gave her reasons to be the fact that the little girl was possessed with witch craft and also suspected to be infected with HIV, a diseased which was said to have killed the mother.

Report has it that the suspect is a relative of the girl’s late mother and brought the little girl to Imafon in December 2015 after the death of her mother.

The little girl is currently in the hospital receiving treatment while her captivators are in the police custody and would be charged to court after a thorough investigation.

It was also discovered that the victim tested negative to the virus she was accused of been infected with.