A mother of four children for four different men identified as Bassey has been arrested for molesting her nine year old nephew in the Ebute-Meta area of Lagos.

The neigbours who got tired of her ceaseless torture of Promise said she inserted a stick of broom dipped in pepper into the P-parts of the young boy for allegedly stealing N2,000.

“She said she was looking for N2,000 and accused the boy of stealing it. She beat him up with a stick and used red pepper to rub his whole body. The boy was screaming, yet she did not stop.

“After that, she inserted a stick of broom, dipped in Cameroon pepper, into the boy’s p- parts.

“We could not bear it again and we reported the abuse to the police at the Iponri division. She was arrested and is still in police custody,” one of the neighbors who spoke under anonymity said.

The boy whose parents are late has been turned to errand boy and exposed to a very server torture and pains.

It was gathered that officials of the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender had taken the victim to a government shelter while  the woman, Bassey was arraigned in court by police and remanded in prison.