When you are bent on destroying another person who is committing evil, the evil can come back to you if you are not care. Take for instance, the story of a 35 year old woman, Mrs Fatimah Adebayo whose husband placed a sexual protective charm called “thunderbolt’’ on her and the woman decided to punish him.

Fatimah’s 14-year-old marriage to Mr Segun Adebayo was not something any lady will pray for. Fatima alleged that Adebayo had assaulted several times, adding that he was a threat to her life.

“My husband laced me with thunderbolt, known in our local parlance as `Magun’. I got to know through an old man in my area and through my father when I was sick.

“But I smartly lured him to sleep with me. On that fateful day, after making love to me, he tumbled twice as I called for neighbours’ help. Besides, my husband beats me, he does not trust me and he does not take care of our children’s welfare.

“Please save me from this marriage as living with him is now dangerous for me. This is because he can kill me,’’ she said.

The petitioner, a fashion designer who resides at Baiyeku Road, Igbogbo in Ikorodu, prayed the court to end the union to safeguard her life. When asked to comment on the allegations, Adebayo, 43, prayed the court to allow his counsel speak on his behalf.