The 2001 winner of the most popular Miss World beauty pageant, Agbani Asenite Darego helped a strange lady to baby sit her child on a flight.

The mother of the 10months old baby could not help but share her exciting story on the social media on how she has been sitting with one of the most humble woman in the world without knowing. 

She said that she never knew that the woman that sat beside her on her in the plane on her way to Dubai was the famous, Agbani Darego. She begged her to take care of her baby while she used the rest room on the plane. And the way she and the man that sat beside her took care of her baby was just too much to bear. 

They showed a lot of care, love and concern for the baby despite the fact that the baby who was teething and messed up their cloth but they never mind. They assisted her to carry her luggage to where she was going to board a flight to New York. It was on their way that another lady approached her that was when she knew she had been sitting with Agbani Darego.

“The lady approached this pretty tall lady who has been so caring to my daughter and lo and behold I realised I have been sitting close to @agbanidarego without having the slightest idea.i was shocked and asked her why she didn’t tell me all this while she just kept on smiling and said ‘she just blew my cover’,” she narrated.

“Thank u guys for everything. With caring people like this, this world would be a better place.”