Fans go all the way to impress their favorite celebrity sometimes, but it could be heartbroken when the love they show is not reciprocated.

It’s no news that the attitude of some celebrities sucks, and they do not hide it from the public.

Popular singer, Yemi Alade shocked many with her attitude recently as she belittled a Tanzanian fan, who drew her with a pen.

“Please my dear, remove me from this picture and put yourself, e go fit you pass.” She wrote.

However, this comment from the singer got a lot of fans angry saying she should have at least appreciated the fan, rather than dismiss his effort.

The singer who has gone international, collaborating with other foreign artiste seems to be summing up enemies and indirectly limiting her career.

She really might not have given it a deep thought, but she has indirectly portrayed herself as a saucy individual to the Tanzanian community, which leaves us with the question, how will the Mama Africa Crooner be able to penetrate into the Tanzanian Market ?