Many women being abused in their marriage often stay because of their kids and like Africans that we are, our family sometimes discourages the idea of quitting the marriage.

So many women while trying to endure and do all things possible to keep their homes end up losing their lives in the process.

Relationship coach and wife to IK Ogbonna, Sonia, has advised women been violated by their spouse to quit before it’s too late.

To her, no marriage is perfect, but when it results into domestic violence, then its necessary to quit, and not for any reason should a woman hold back in the name of kids because such environment isn’t healthy for them.

She said: “It makes me sick to know that there is more women than men out there advising ladies, fellow sisters, mothers and daughters to “try and make their marriage work” and “stay” by their husband’s side due domestic violence or any form of disrespect or mistreatment. No marriage is perfect (I know you were about to say that bish) but there are things that are most definitely NOT considered as “usual” marriage crisis. Your mom didn’t carry u for 9 months with so much love and care for you to become some else’s punching bag. “Stay for the sake of your children” – if I hear that again!! All of you “wise advisers”, please tell me, how can a child EVER grow into a normal, mentally and emotionally stable adult after being traumatized with such a terrible experience such as witnessing a domestic violence at his home?? For that sake I will tell you LEAVE BECAUSE OF YOUR CHILDREN if nothing else. Stop making women feel like they were destined to suffer!!! No!! You were meant to be loved and cherished, no matter where you come from, not humiliated, disrespected and unappreciated! FxxK SOCIETY!!!! Your life MATTERS !!! NO ONE CAN MISTREAT YOU UNLESS YOU STAY AND ALLOW THEM!!!! #soniaogbonna #IAmMySistersKeeper”

This post is definitely inspired by the ‘Tell it all’ interview of Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who shared damming details about her marriage.