Ini Edo speaks on divorce, N600m largesse
Story by Peter Thomas
Click for Full Image Size Top Nollywood actress, Ini Edo-Ehiagwina, is currently enmeshed in controversies about her marriage and an alleged largesse from the Akwa Ibom State governor Godswill Akpabio.

Not mincing words and obviously angry, the actress spat fire at those paddling untrue stories about her.

She said, “As a rule, I don’t reply every talk or report about me, but these recent ones are crazy and baseless. I don’t know where they got their information that my state governor offered me N600m to build an art or film academy in Uyo.

“This is just another work of mischief makers, who keep troubling celebrities. To put the records straight, my state governor has not offered me such money to build a film academy in Uyo (the Akwa Ibom State capital), as was falsely reported.

“As for the other wicked rumours that I’ve been divorced by my United States–based husband, Phillip Ehiagwina, that is just another lie that can only come from professional happy home breakers. No fight or separation ever happened. We are still together, doing great things as husband and wife.”

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that is the game
chibuzo | 11/17/2012 1:24:23 AM
u are in showbiz and i think these things happen in this business everywhere. Mind you journalists are never wrong with their questions or assimilations but you can always go wrong with their answers.
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violet | 11/17/2012 2:27:57 AM |
Ini there is no smoke without fire,ur a greedy unrepented p********e and u know what,u can,t eat ur cake and have it.all this politicians have used ur womb and unborn baby for sacrifice,that why ur unable to conceive like hebrew women,change and ask GOD for forgiveness,as for ur unemployed husband wifey,he has no choice or hungry will kill him.
Chibuzo | 11/17/2012 3:13:47 AM |
Violet you talk s****dly ,what is your problem?
tonnie | 11/17/2012 5:43:05 AM |
voilet do u read bible atall?and do u knw what hebrew women represent in d bible?pls read ur bible b4 u use d wrong word to qualify ur eveil words.
Ini my brown sugar
Lalaland | 11/20/2012 4:25:55 AM |
You know that we love you so much and you are beautiful as well as gorgeous. I hope your marriage is as you say e be sha o. cos if i hear that you are gonna be a divorcee you know that i will trash you cos i don wanna hear anything negative and have it confirmed as well. Love you brown sugar!
Well Ini,
Crystal | 11/17/2012 3:22:13 AM |
Tym wil tel 4 ur marriage coz every1 knws u snatched Phil. As 4 Akpabio, it's knwn fact dat u tangoed wit him bt I dnt believ dis rumour abt d largese. U're pretty n talented sha...
Shut ur mouth
Nneoma | 11/17/2012 4:15:52 AM |
U are a pathetic liar Iniobong Edo, so shut ur slutty mouth and stop ranting like d she dog u are.
lie lie
Nky | 11/17/2012 5:43:13 AM |
I dnt beliv a tin in wht u said
MATSON | 11/19/2012 11:19:36 AM |
My words
Magdalene | 1/21/2013 2:52:18 AM |
I just pray make dem stop to gossip ha and mind their business
Gra | 1/29/2013 10:59:25 AM |
How wil they mined thei biz whe they hav noti 2 do
Iniobong Edo
Ndiana Essien | 9/9/2013 10:20:12 AM |
Iniobong edo, don't ever be upset about wht people do say against u. Let ur yes be yes, and ur no be no and de Ulmaighty God will answer ur prayers. U no say this talk na people de talk, so if dem no talk, na who go talk.
Ini i wil alwayz pray 4 u
Princesskalu | 12/11/2012 10:59:12 AM |
Ini dear alwayz believe in God i wil alwayz pray 4 u.
chibuzo | 11/17/2012 4:47:50 AM |
Trust me, i didn't use the s word on u. Someone else did. I do not use such words cheaply. Hope u understand.
Gra | 1/29/2013 11:25:48 AM |
D 1 sh born 4 her govern na u giv vam d bel. U u don born ur own?
Bigboy | 11/20/2012 2:37:50 AM |
U people should ur mouth shut nonsence
c***y ash*w*z
Vanesa | 3/5/2013 1:47:09 PM |
Shut thoze s***kn mthz
U dey craz
Vic | 11/26/2012 11:04:42 PM |
Come wetin be ur own now na u be God wey dey judge. i***t how many u don born abi he dey pain u say u no be celebrity abeg watch ur mouth befor God go change am for u.
Vanesa | 3/5/2013 1:50:45 PM |
Ini edo f**kd wit ma man
im ok whit you
anicolas | 12/8/2012 6:32:36 AM |
why those richest actress dont got f*****g whit all those actor then got married bcz what ever man who got married will be treated like a puppet
Nneka tony chinweoke | 12/12/2012 7:47:03 AM |
Violet or whatever u cal urself, its God dat gives children mind what u say.
Nneka tony | 12/12/2012 8:02:31 AM |
Violet u ar s****d by saying dat. Ar u a better person? GOD gives children
daughter of zion | 1/14/2013 10:38:57 PM |
Please do your research on hebrews!!!!!!!!!! Ini, as well as All of West Africa are hebrews!!
Abigail | 1/29/2013 5:28:57 AM |
What is the meaning of luv
la Eclat | 11/25/2012 12:20:47 PM |
Violet ??? cn U????? b so mean 2 talk 2 U?????? fellow lady lik D????????†? ?o matter wat she hs dne or doin s none of U?????? buzines...who ?os wat U????? urslf s evn doin or ve dne, bsid ini ????? I?????N????? shw buzi...??????d????? she s ?????? ???? actres...
A lie
ThankGod Bassey | 12/18/2012 7:42:27 AM |
I dont think it is true
chibuzo | 11/17/2012 1:25:31 AM
i mean with your answers
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don;t mind dem
sisy | 11/17/2012 1:25:40 AM
God has joined u 2geder so no bad belle fi pu assunder
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Don't mind them
mama cate | 11/17/2012 1:33:08 AM
Don't mind all the rumour mongers, they are all home breaker. Keep doing your thing.
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Mind ur self about what u say about ini edo because what goes up must surely come.
Mary ann am from akwa anambra state . | 12/1/2012 9:53:18 PM |
I love the ini edo very much she is so beautifu l-and talented bear it in mind that what so ever u do in life people wil talk dont mind them forward onl let them gossip busy bodys.
Side by side wid ini edo
Soni from kenya | 12/18/2012 4:23:39 AM |
Gal friend u a so beuty dont mind da jeras people coz thea not happy where u r
Tell dem
Paragon lady | 11/17/2012 1:33:41 AM
My dear tell dem bad belle way dey shook their eyes 4 perso mata, who knw as their own go be?
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Aba | 11/17/2012 1:58:48 AM
My beautiful baby do nt give ears to them.just do the good thing'.
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No problem, Ini
MACHO | 11/17/2012 2:15:26 AM
It's ok Ini, we all know these journalists are hungry but don't u think if u join ur hubby or spend more of ur time with him, u won't be constantly linked to issues like this ?
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Sanina | 12/10/2012 9:06:28 AM |
I love u lni
Jannyjane | 1/18/2013 2:01:51 AM |
Dnt mind wat people say abt u bcoz we al knw dat dem r jealous of ur beauty.
No problem, Ini
MACHO | 11/17/2012 2:15:28 AM
It's ok Ini, we all know these journalists are hungry but don't u think if u join ur hubby or spend more of ur time with him, u won't be constantly linked to issues like this ?
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LadyB | 12/5/2012 4:34:54 AM |
Macho u'r very right she should clif to her husband. I love sha ini
Like it
Mercy chidinma | 3/10/2013 1:33:06 PM |
I support u 4 dat advice i tink u go stay wit ur hubby and al dis gosip wil end i like u
Gra | 1/30/2013 11:28:30 AM |
Actual dat is d best solut,i joini her husb wil also help her 2 tak in, i pray dat God wil help her.
INI LALA no bi ur fan again
ANN | 11/17/2012 3:05:37 AM
ini edo ur costumer LALALAND have lose hope in you thats why he or she witdraw herself from commenting even when they say u lost ur pregnant lala says she no sure say u even get the belly cuz all ur clothes then is with tight belt one can be beautiful from outside but when u are dirty inside you need GOD TO PURGE you .so i think all u need do is to go to GOD in prayers cuz he is the restorer and he will restore everytin that have been lost and make you beautiful inside of you.
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Busy body
Doris | 11/17/2012 3:50:54 AM
Ini my babe dont listen 2 all dose rumours,b/c dey re jobles peples,s****d f*****g atension sekers.
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Shieweezy | 12/17/2012 4:26:44 AM |
E b lyke say u don dey fyn connection. Hmm
stella dimokurkos dead?
daniel | 11/17/2012 4:03:50 AM
So I guess stella dimokurkos has realised ppl nw know she is lala, and has decided 2 flee
4rm NFC. Dat beast of a woman
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Don't mind them.
Chichi | 11/17/2012 4:24:46 AM
Ini move closer to God and everything will turn around for good, and stop giving ears to gossips.
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Ifynwa | 11/17/2012 4:58:56 AM
Cnt u go 2 God for 4givnez n u r here vibratin, d day wil cum wen ur husband wil divorce u, be wise let ur problem bordaz u alot n find d solution for it
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Ifynwa | 11/17/2012 4:59:02 AM
Cnt u go 2 God for 4givnez n u r here vibratin, d day wil cum wen ur husband wil divorce u, be wise let ur problem bordaz u alot n find d solution for it
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Daniel | 11/17/2012 5:12:54 AM
Ini~edo, it's natural dat pple wil always sey evil abt celebrities, so dnt b surpric 2ward dis nonsense dat son n daughter of b***hes r postin. We luv u
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God is ur strength
Esther | 11/17/2012 6:02:24 AM
Nonsense people making themselves relevant with celebrities names leave her alone and face ur own life. Violet i hope u are nt a woman for saying all this evil about ur follow woman. The evil that men do lives after them.Ini God is ur strength trust in him and he will put a smile on ur face. God bless u.
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Mind ur self
Mercy chidinma | 3/10/2013 1:40:37 PM |
Violet mind wat u say abt ini coz she z nt wat u tink she z plz
precious | 11/17/2012 8:28:27 AM
ini,u no ur self vry well,n ur in d position 2 tel d truth.remenber u cant run away frm ur shawdow.if u no does tings ur accused of n u tink is true,stop doing n work 2wards ur marriage.remenber no smoke witout fire.jst b careful cus d world is watching ur back.ur a big star.
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ABUJA | 11/17/2012 11:43:39 AM
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lalaa (abuja)
expert | 11/17/2012 1:55:27 PM |
Nice advice, but use your own id. You always call yourself lalaland.
Lalaland d devil incarnate
De membraino | 11/17/2012 3:36:41 PM
Jus saw dis lalaland a.k.a stella!!! dat old shapeless mama is damm 2...2...2 ugly. Wot! Wit all d killer words she uses on pple,one would fink she's got it all but alas even obasanjo,tinubu,taribo,ugly kingkong ape, etc. are more presentable compared 2 d old,ugly,beast-like monster ape called lalaland...ghosh,i feel lik throwing up.
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reply ASAP pls
I S T | 11/17/2012 8:43:15 PM |
Pls how did u people find out Lalaland is Stella? I've noticed a lotta people been saying she is, i just cant help the curiosity to find out how u guys discovered
my lolo
Lalaland | 11/17/2012 9:31:15 PM |
Lolo please don't do dis , don't reveal me publicly.
Blooody fhucking EDIOTS!!
Lalaland | 11/20/2012 4:27:06 AM |
Make una all morons keep on guessing o una hear me so? Stewpid ediotic fhuckers! Mtcheeeeeeewwwww!!!!
Tope anyaobi. | 1/26/2013 4:10:54 AM |
D lord is shepherd dnt mind dem pls i ur help god bless u mir my no. Is 08188654902.thankr.
B wise
Loveth christabel nanor | 11/17/2012 11:20:27 PM
Ini,2 wrngs cnt mak a r¥t .jst b wi$€......
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Ini my baby girl
Eve | 11/18/2012 4:58:17 AM
Is her husband complaining? Why can't u pple face ur own life & let MY ANGEL be? My sis, I (EVE) LOVE U SO MUCH.
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Mercy chidinma | 3/10/2013 2:21:45 PM |
Ini plz try and over luk al dis home breakerz and gosiper on wat ever they say bt remeba dat they must talk.plz take care of ur baby and hubby make a gud wife 4 him tnx i luv u
Ini edo speaks on deviorce
Ifunanyalove okonkwo | 11/18/2012 7:36:53 AM
Ini dnt mind professional happy home breakers.. All i know d more dey tell lies abt u worst their home become..
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Bauchi | 11/18/2012 11:49:25 PM
Ini is my lv, i dnt knw y u guyz ar makin her loss control. Pls pls.....
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Akwa ibom ayaya
u baba | 11/19/2012 7:09:52 AM
No mind d bad belle dem na jealousy go kill dem
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Jelouse lover
Okey | 11/24/2012 5:03:39 AM |
Don,t mind dem na gelousy de worry dem,keep the good work u are doing
Dnt mind dem joor
Myriam | 11/19/2012 9:36:45 AM
Ppl won't mind their biz.y should interfare wit some1's affairs.she has made n nt even ur gossips can bring her down.baba dön sign am.Ini, u're d bomb.
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Bad belle people
Missy | 11/19/2012 12:53:15 PM
Dont mind them jare...
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..... | 11/19/2012 7:13:25 PM
Nneoma and violet are jealous b***hes. i***ts
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Think twice
Surrender | 11/19/2012 11:06:37 PM
Ini is a hubby snatcher, in some yrs she has nt got pregnant does nt mean she wnt, her hubby is nt complainin cos Gods time is d best, as 4 u gurls u can do worse dan her if u were on her shoes.
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Gra | 1/29/2013 11:42:12 AM |
No mind them my dear u r right
Gra | 1/29/2013 12:10:52 PM |
No mind them my dear u r right
Never mind dem | 11/20/2012 8:36:25 AM
U are a star, dat's y u'll always come across enemies of progress. Arise and shine my dear ini. Wat God has blessed, no man can caurse. God hasn blessed u.
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Eunic christopher | 11/20/2012 1:17:50 PM
No mind them their home breakers just continue 2 b good they just jealouse
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ONUOHA INNOCENT | 11/21/2012 7:20:50 AM
Ini pls don`t mind those guys talking r*****h[s****dity]
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Tina | 11/21/2012 7:28:15 AM
Guys u have 2 remove what is in ur eyes first b/4 struggling to remove some one else's
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God be wit u
Vicky | 11/22/2012 7:10:23 AM
Ini,my lovely sis.dose ppl are jealous of u.dont mind dem.ur marriage wil suceed,u wil hav children at Gods time.u are de best couples so far.GOD BE WIT U.AMEN
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Miheartz | 11/23/2012 11:53:20 PM
Itz lyf gal! Ol diz idle b***hes evrywher. Jst kip ur head abv d ground n b gud. It is wel..dnt gt 2 hurt swidy
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ooo dunt myd dem Ini
Mandy cakes(Gh) | 11/24/2012 2:22:53 AM
Ini jux take it ezi..dats showbiz 4 u...and in everi rumor dere is an iota of truth in it
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Franca | 11/24/2012 6:12:32 AM
Ini dear dont mind them, y is it that u guys will not mind ur own business. Y are u drinkin paracetamol on another persons headack? When Ini was not maried u guys talk and talk, now that she is maried u guys will not her to rest. Nawa for Naigaoo.
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Sssh | 11/25/2012 2:06:25 PM
4k u rumour peddlers. U rock my world nini.
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Diva | 11/27/2012 12:53:10 PM
All of u shld shut up and mind ure own business enemy of progress ! U can't be like ini Edo so stp beefing nitwits
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Tatang | 11/27/2012 2:29:40 PM
ceile ge'er banget sich si ale nech bknuua sangat dibutuh'in (canda), law pun sbnra y jg sich..bermanfaat banget lagi emak2 bayu n calon baby yang bakalan nongol tuch? ciip dech..cukces sllu yo?
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will | 11/27/2012 11:21:33 PM
world of art is evil.
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God bless u honey
Queen | 11/28/2012 12:18:59 AM
Honey don't mine them, gossipas, who is d person dat will say when God has nt said anytin, re dey God
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Mak una leave dem na
Mi free | 11/28/2012 2:51:30 AM
Lolo n lalaland mak una no cry o
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U ple shld stop judging her
Blessing willie | 11/28/2012 10:26:56 AM
U ple r nt God,he does his own tin at d right tym. He's d one dat bless her wit d husband n he will surly bless her wit child. R u ple God?
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U ple shld stop judging her
Blessing willie | 11/28/2012 10:28:51 AM
U ple r nt God,he does his own tin at d right tym. He's d one dat bless her wit d husband n he will surly bless her wit child. R u ple God?
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U ple shld stop judging her
Blessing willie | 11/28/2012 10:30:04 AM
U ple r nt God,he does his own tin at d right tym. He's d one dat bless her wit d husband n he will surly bless her wit child. R u ple God?
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Na una sabi
Udy | 11/29/2012 7:05:36 AM
Babe, dnt mind them.jealosy is evryway.God wil judge dem.
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Nothing is hiden
Blessed chris | 12/1/2012 4:10:59 AM
Ini u r beautiful,but remb nothing z hiden except it z a treasure and nothing z found except it z a there z no need 4 better when best z posible,prayer z d only way out,put trusth in God there z no situation he can not solve and there no boulden he can not bear only have faith in him.
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Na wash!!!
Og baby | 12/1/2012 9:21:14 AM
Ini dont mind those enemies of progress ok.Evrytin dem dey talk na wash!!!
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milexsexy | 12/5/2012 9:05:51 AM
if its nt dat all aw galz wana outdo d oda dey wnt be havin dz prblmz nw wasn't stella damascus an actress is kate henshaw nt an actress aw about chioma chukwuka yet we dnt hear stuff about dem and note dat in evry rumour there is an element of truth
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milexsexy | 12/5/2012 9:07:13 AM
if its nt dat all aw galz wana outdo d oda dey wnt be havin dz prblmz nw wasn't stella damascus an actress is kate henshaw nt an actress aw about chioma chukwuka yet we dnt hear stuff about dem and note dat in evry rumour there is an element of truth
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Help me plsss!!!
Upcom musician | 12/6/2012 10:41:46 PM
I ned help, ned some money 2produce my music, pls hep me, plsss!!!

Add me on fb funso smart or vst my 2go id funso136. 4my detail, tanx.

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ini edo
iykcomo | 12/12/2012 5:57:03 AM
ini dont mind wot dey ar sayin jos b ur self be prayful,bot remeba me in ur palace.u can reach on 08063614366 thanks.
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let them say -
Ifeanyi Ukabunwa | 12/12/2012 9:45:09 AM
Let them say what ever their mouth can speak because when christ came people gossip him how much more a lady of your type. Pls put God first in everything you do in life and forget about those jobless i***ts.
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nawa o
eli | 12/14/2012 11:48:30 PM
ini what can i say to u nothing but you too has ur own problem you r good in abuseing people and criticiseing other atress you have my genevieve, omotola and mercy j befor so please change and learn how to respect people and also stop wearing cheap cloth
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Ini's mariage
Gift | 1/22/2013 12:33:10 PM |
Eli u re c***y mnd d we u tok
hey nawa o
chi | 12/14/2012 11:55:00 PM
right from the first time you started arting i dont like watching ur movies becos of ur cheap cloth
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please just change
me | 12/14/2012 11:58:01 PM
please stop runs and change for good
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me | 12/15/2012 12:06:40 AM
i pray u change cos all this ur governer firends are taking alot from u which u dont no please stay only with ur husband so that things will walk out fine for u. All the best inthe decision u make
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me | 12/15/2012 12:08:20 AM
i pray u change cos all this ur governer firends are taking alot from u which u dont no please stay only with ur husband so that things will walk out fine for u. All the best inthe decision u make
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to God excellent hand wrk of creation...ini edo
azetu | 12/15/2012 3:05:00 AM
i will always wish u remain my best actres a u always use to be
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Jenny chidi | 12/15/2012 11:01:00 AM
My dear am hearin dis 4d 1st tym i really Dnt knw wat 2 beleive but i knw der is no smock without fire. In every rumour der must b an element of truth so my dear change 4rm ur bad way remember u'r a married woman
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Ini baby
Linda udom | 12/16/2012 12:49:35 AM
Ini sumit urself 2 ur husband and everthing will work find for good
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jurdge not my frnds
Sir Oyibo Kenneth | 12/17/2012 1:31:43 AM
d Bible says "jurdge not dat u may not also b jurdged. Do unto men what u want others to du unto you, for what so ever a man sows, he must surely rip. These are the words of the Lord, be warned & be wise!
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Shima | 12/18/2012 10:43:48 AM
Ini, na true say ur husband dy jobless? Wiatin d guy con dy do 4 abroad na, ha.... Dis our nigerian guys eh..... Na by force 2 marry celeb? See wahala wy u put ur self now. God go help both of una sha.
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E.S.G 4REAL | 12/25/2012 7:55:37 PM
Are u sure u didnt collect d money?
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E.S.G 4REAL | 12/25/2012 10:23:21 PM
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Lahai | 1/4/2013 3:30:54 PM
The bible says judge not so you will not be your breath haters......... Just be closer to God.....
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imaobong | 1/8/2013 2:55:44 AM
u nid to luv ur husband n am prayn dt God shuld bless u with anoda child kip it up
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Never mind them
Goodness | 2/24/2013 10:08:58 PM |
My dearly hope in the lord do not be discourage, never u give up, the haters want to see u shade tears don't allow what people say hold u down cos our God is d God of all impossiblities just wait for d appointed time to reach. Thank u
ur divorce
ifeoluwa | 1/17/2013 11:44:42 PM
d truth is dat ppl are after ur dwfall nd de dn't want to see u smile bt my swt sister d God i worship wil nt allow t happen to u,u are blessed nd i kw u dn,t kw me bt d truth is dat i love so much nd for d fact dat ppl say i look lik u is seriously makin me want to see u nd also be ur cls frd,nd my big sis dat is if it is possible!tank u big sis.
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This world s wicked
Chy success | 1/21/2013 10:27:16 AM
Ini don't mind dem just wait for Gods intervention
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My Rolemodel
Mfon Etim | 1/24/2013 1:38:08 AM
Don't just mind all wat dey r sayin,na bad belle go kill dem.dey r just unhapi becos u r celebrated n dey don't ave one who de world celebrates in deir family,wit de way dey r goin God will neva let dem or deir children 2 be celebrated becos dey gud tings so no gud will cum deir way too.GOD IS WIT U.
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Tqueens | 1/29/2013 10:25:46 AM
pls let dem say na dem get dar mout, den no no say mout na trap no mind dem
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19, 4, 2o13
federal nwaokocha | 4/19/2013 2:00:55 AM
You. Are. O,k. Baby. Ini. Edo carry. Go.
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ETOYOH | 11/26/2013 3:16:09 PM
I love you and i hope you will be very happy in your marriage and dont worry about all the comments you heard. i admire you , i want to give you some advices just be natural and stay the best actress that all the young love
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