A lot has changed for Adaeze Yobo since she got married to former Super Eagles’ player, Joseph Yobo, the gorgeous former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria has been open on different social media but still have her reservations.

She said “A lot has changed, two kids, married, new life, different cities and a lot of growth spiritually, physically, mentally”.

This is what she would not talk about “I never share my sex life. I think I’m very open with social media and it’s kinda like a very big part of my life. I enjoy it, can’t even deny it, I’ve realized that I’m actually obsessed with social media. I love social media, I’d share everything but my sex life.

She once told Yobo to beat her to help control some of her desires…She had said she would also prefer to be slapped as she also likes having a taste of her baby milk which has also played a role on her size.

 “Or just slap it out my mouth, I tell my husband to keep calling me fat and keep insulting me which works till 12 midnight when I start licking Jayden’s baby milk and snacking on frosties while watching Wendy spill the tea. I need a hot slap at that moment, the type of slap that would make me say “hi never hesperedit” in hot tears.”