Most men think that women are simply impossible to deal with. Often times, they feel no matter how hard they tried, they can not please a woman. On the contrary, many factors come to play in defining relationships, says Charity Roberts, who sent in this contribution from Lokoja, Kogi state.

Things women care about

A guy typical of many complained, “I don’t know what else to do to please my lady. What can I say? Nothing I do seem to make any difference.”

The truth is that every woman has a deep desire not only to be appreciated, but to be re-assured and reminded continually by her man that she is loved. Women are not as difficult as men are made to believe if such things that seem minor, but important to them are done. Her lover may not meet all her needs and expectations to make her happy but could let her feel secured in his love.

As easy as the reciting of a popular nursery rhyme, “Twinkle, twinkle little Star” …, assure her of your unconditional love by your spoken words.

Remember that words are like seeds. If a partner plants words of assurance, the fruits definitely would be intimacy. Love is a seed that has a language and if sown generously, would produce after its kind, firstly, friendship and then grows to unite both partners as lovers.

Such words like; “I love you”, “you are beautiful”, “I couldn’t have made a better choice of partner than you”, can be so thrilling.

Call her during break hours to ask, “Have you had your lunch?” “Please take time and do have enough rest.”

Try to get use to calling her pet names like, ‘Honey’, ‘sweet heart’, ‘Baby’, ‘Darling’, ‘Dearest’ and so on.

The reason being, that women have the ability to withdraw from a relationship more easily than men, when they are not verbally appreciated. So when a woman doesn’t feel loved, she feels rejected.

And it is not her fault. The complexity of her body mechanism which includes her monthly cycle, responsibilities, and fear of uncertainty puts her emotions at risk.

Though these seem unimportant to men but acknowledging the essence of her femininity is very valuable to her especially when treated with special interest.

Of course, it makes her have a sense of her guy’s presence through the day. It may take only few second or minutes to do this but that would give her a tremendous comfort and assurance of her man’s love.

Don’t forget that she also nurses a desire in her heart to be envied by her friends and a longing to be loved. For such a woman who very much wants to be loved but is denied that experience, it could mean frustration, resentment and unfulfilment that could further strain the relationship.

You can rekindle your romantic life once more. Go the extra-mile and thrill your lady with those cherished words she cares about and wants very much to hear.

– Charity Roberts wrote from Lokoja

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