After her hit song branama,came kokoroko which saw her clinching home awards and acknowledgement of a song well sang came from left,right and centre.

As you read this,the petite crooner from sapele is celebrating her single titled ‘no be sapele water’ which is already number 3 on the music charts…yes kefee is celebrating success but olofofos whisper that her ex husband Alec Godwin wants to celebrate with her.’

‘Alec has been sending emmissaries to go and help talk to Kefee but the crooner is hushing anyone who dares to mention Alecs name around her.She keeps telling anyone who wants to hear that she is too busy right now celebrating Gods goodness in her life”

I have one question for Alec Godwin if it is indeed true what olofofos whisper concerning him wanting his ex wife back,either for musical reasons or otherwise why did he wait for the milk to spill before he realised he needed it?

As for kefee i will advise her to let go and let God.if alec wants to be a part of her sucess story she should indulge him by all means.

Rreaders please if you see alec godwin tell him ”stella say make you cram the lyric of boys to mens song down on bended knees,re-rap it and put on youtube for kefee to listen to”…God works in mysterious ways indeed!!!!

By sTelLA dK