John Dumelo is slowly taking his message of hope and leadership to people around the world through his motivational speeches.

Before he ends up as the President of Ghana under the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), he is inspiring his people to work hard first before looking for money.

 Few days ago, John was with John Mahama as the president interacts with Ghanaians in London. He is really serious with this politics stuff. According to him, he is convinced that the Mahama administration is on the right track and it is “only fair to acknowledge it and show support to the good works.”

Back to our story for the day, John has inspired with these great words “Being rich shouldn’t be your goal or your aim. A lot of people focus on the end results i.e. Iiving large, having a big house, fat bank accounts, driving flashy cars etc. Being great at wanting money doesn’t make you millions. concentrate on the journey, rather than the destination. Work hard and put in a lot of effort into the process. Invest in your idea and work at it. The riches are by products of hard work….invest in the journey! “