Femi Otedola’s 19-year-old fashion blogger daughter Temi is saying that Beyonce raided her wardrobe. 

She caught Beyonce and  her hubby Jay-Z, at The Menil Collection museum in Houston, Texas on Monday wearing a $450 Stella Jean Spring 2016 ‘Comandante’ Ruffle Sleeve Dress, paired with statement earrings and a flower-adorned braided crown.

Some months before now, Temi had worn this exact outfit for an event. She had brought her picture and Beyonce’s own for comparison: “UGHHH Beyonce stop raiding my wardrobe.But for real, probs only time in my life I can claim she copied me.”

Temi is the founder of emerging online fashion blog, JTOFashion.com. she said “ My blog is inspired by everything around me. I like to style looks that are wearable but have a certain ‘edge’. So I’ll pair a dress with military boots or a suit with sky-high stilettos. I’m always pushing what I can get away with,’

‘I think it can be challenging for any blogger when they’re first starting out as it can be sometimes seen as frivolous. Although I believe bloggers to be content creative in a similar light as fashion magazines that create editorials, sometimes it can be passed off as a materialistic hobby. I think I have proven that my blog goes beyond just nice pictures and looks deeper at the fashion industry and what makes it tick.’