The activities in the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija has not been too exciting because of the absent of two of the favorite housemates, Bally and Bisola.

It seems the other housemates have lost a lot of inspiration but things changed when Bally and Bisola who have gone vacation without the knowledge of the other housemates where brought back to the house.

The excitement that was lost before returned as the housemates were so excited to have them back. They did not only come back alone, IK, a one-time host of the Big Brother show, who was dressed in a ninja outfit also came to the house with them.

The house was filled with happiness and joy of having the two loved housemates back despite their threat to some of them.

Now that Bally and Bisola are back who would be the next to be evicted from the house. TTT can not be evicted because he won the head of house contest.

Meanwhile Bisola and Bally are also immune from eviction, by virtue of their advantage.