The late veteran Nollywood actress, Bukky Ajayi has been buried last week but her final resting place is raising dusts. She was laid to rest at the Atan Cementry that doesn’t seem befitting to someone who has inspired a lot of people while alive.


It was  Femi Salawu, an entertainment journalist who brought up the issues . “If it is true that late veteran actress, Bukky Ajayi was buried at Atan Cemetery, Yaba, then I feel very sad about it,” he wrote. Though, he was not given the audience he needed when  Head of Jury, AMAA Awards, Shaibu Hussein, said. “How do you mean? Does it matter where the dead is buried? What should matter is the salvation of her soul sir. Let’s not sensationalise matters like this abeg,” he queried.

Patrick Doyle has a personal experience after he helped with the burial of his niece at this cemetery “The funeral took place at Atan Cemetery in Yaba. The state of that cemetery is to say the least appalling. I was responsible for securing the burial plot, so I had to visit the cemetery several times before the funeral. Each time I went there, I had to cringe at the utter state of desolation it was in. Old vaults bore the scars of grave robbery, either the bodies were dislodged to steal the caskets or for body snatchers to harvest body parts for rituals. The weeds were also massively overgrown with the obvious possibility of being infested with vermin and serpents…”