All does not seem to be well between the Nollywood screen diva, Bukky Wright and Fathia Balogun.

Both women are divorcees and perceived to be doing well in the movie industry of the Yoruba genre. we can also confirm that the 2 of them have penchant for running after married men for social economic security, which is the reason why they have perpetually remain single parents with many children.

Our checks revealed that Fathia and Bukky are among the most sort-after actresses in Yoruba movie industry. Aside acting, they have both excelled in other endeavors. Years back, these two maintained a cordial relationship, especially, during the last election where Bukky Wright campaigned for the present Governor of Lagos State. The only actress this mother of 2 invited to join her in the project was Fathia Balogun and a lot of people envied their relationship. We gathered that few months after the election, the two Nollywood actresses started drifting apart, as most of their colleagues had already predicted. The story in town is that these two actresses are no longer on talking terms and they avoid each other like plaque but nobody can figure out the real cause of this cold war between these screen divas. A source confirmed that there is also a rift which borders on superiority between them and that there can never be two captains in the same ship, and also that Fathia Balogun chose her friends and not the other way round and due to her no-nonsense attitude, she can’t maintain a cordial relationship with Bukky Wright.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that Bukky Wright on her own is striving hard to stand out in everything and among her colleagues. She is equally a no-nonsense person and this has made things rather difficult for both of them. Also the envy and jealousy which has taken over the movie industry is also one of the factors why a lot of Nollywood actresses prefer to keep to themselves and make friends with people who are not in the entertainment industry as they are sure their secrets will be safe with such a person. Apart from the general reason these stars are not close, there is also the issue that Yoruba movie stars are believe to always want to know the source of each other’s success, and some even go as far as getting close to that same person in question and this at the end of the day causes misunderstanding among these stars. But this according to painstaking investigations is not the reason these two Nollywood actresses avoid each other.

We can however, disclose that the real issue for the unhealthy rivalry between them is that Fathia Balogun has been engaging in movie business with Corporate Picture boss, Rasaq Abdullahi, for years, as his (Corporate Picture) company sells her movies and Fathia also coordinates some movies and produce by this same marketer, and she has equally done business with a lot of other Nollywood stars in the industry, but lately, Bukky Wright has equally maintained a cordial relationship with the same marketer. Ever since he sold “Omotara Johnson”which was produced by Bukky Wright, people are beginning to feel, there is more to this sudden relationship and have seen it as an attempt by Bukky Wright to hi-jack corporate picture boss from Fathia. Also Fathia is said to be equally uncomfortable with the sudden relationship, this is said to be one of the reasons these two celebrities avoid each other like a plaque. Besides further checks have it that both are secret lovers to the successful movie marketer, and it was also gathered that the man at the centre of the storm has been satisfying them well both in cash and in kind.

It is on record that Fathia, controversially divorced her husband owing to the love affairs between him and the corporate picture boss. His estranged husband is also a popular actor, in the movie industry, who is know and addressed as Saheed Balogun
We gathered that Fathia had granted so many interview with the press where she vowed never to return to Saidi’s life and that she’s through with marriage. Industry source confirmed to us that Bukky Wright initiated Fathia into lesbianism, and when the duo realised that same man was also going to bed with them, that grossly contributed to the impasse between them.

For Bukky Wright she cannot be particularly traced to any man as her husband despite the media overkill she got in the recent time that she remarried. Investigations have it that she can do anything for money as she is persistently linked with a Lagos based socialite and drug baron, Bolaji Saheed. It was disclosed with us that Bukky Wright had vowed that nothing on earth would make them break even has she moved into Bolaji’s residence in Magodo GRA, she is also most times, seen cruising around town in her guy’s latest Lincoln Navigator Jeep which he bought some days after they broke up the last time until she later broke up with him when Bolaji accused him of promiscuity and lesbianism. Thereafter she hooked up with Ogun State Governor, Gbenga Daniel. Gbenga Daniel we gathered that he battered his First Lady mercilessly when the poor woman accused His Excellency of deep romance with Bukky Wright. The common saying in the lips of many now is that most Nollywood stars whether male or female are not responsible, their movies though may help to preach and teach morals in the society but they themselves unfortunately are not practising what they preach. Undoubtedly this assertion is not far from truth, as cases of immorality/promiscuity in the Nollywood has become one too many.