I have read with keen interest the unfortunate ‘AMAA plane’ incident of few days ago in Bayelsa.

What hit me the most was a statement credited to Chioma, which was later confirmed by AY the comedian, that she can ‘comfortably pay Yemisi’s (Vangaurd’s journalist) salary.

What a ‘stupid’ affront by Chioma? If you can comfortably pay her salary, why not set up a newspaper outfit and employ her? Or you think your so called Glo money can buy the whole world?

Is Mike Adenuga not paying your bills? Do you mean because you are ‘movie star my foot’ that makes you better than a cleaner?

Let me tell you the reality, you are only fortunate to have a camera advantage, nothing more than that. You are not a ‘super good’ person.

I may not support whatever Yemisi may have allegedly done to you, but going as far as telling someone that you can comfortably pay her salary is to me ‘stupidity’ of the highest order. I wish other colleagues of mine can totally blacklist you. This is an insult to our noble profession.

Going further to say that you don’t blame Yemisi because AMAA has put you together with her is also uncalled for. I expected you to have rejected being in an economy class flight given to you by AMAA and paying for a business class flight since you are that ‘rich’.

The media made you who you are. If you are tired of fame, please let us know. I even wonder if you still get movie roles again. So, what’s your fuse?

And to AY, I like your defence, it shows how ‘good’ you are in being what you accused Yemisi’s colleague of (being biased in reporting).

I wonder how most so-called celebs quickly turn into journalists and news Editors when talking about issues. They are quick to tutor journalists on the ethics of the profession. Bravo.

Comparing Chioma to Kim or whoever is an insult. For your information, Chioma isn’t Kim and will never be. I am sure Chioma will ‘throw a big party’ if Kim retweets or replies her tweet. We already have an example in Nollywood.

Go and ask, I am not one of the journalists who jumps around any celeb. Most of you are not better than a cleaner, I emphasise again. You guys only had a camera advantage.

Because you are a ‘star’ today doesn’t mean the heaven should fall. Advice Chioma to work on her character, Mr defence counsel.

The celeb version of Guilder Ultimate Search show really showed who Chioma truly is, a ‘direct opposite’ of her ‘innocent and good girl’ role she plays in movies.

I rest my case for now. But on the last note, Chioma should tender an unreserved apology to Yemisi for saying she could pay her salary.