Etinosa Idemudia is a special child. Before the age of 22 she had finished school and started work as an engineer in a multinational firm. Not long after, she built her own house in Port Harcourt. She had the world under her feet and she did what almost every young girl at her age and stage would do; “fall in love”.

Eti, as she is fondly called, who does not like to do things halfway, went all the way, damned all the consequences and got married at 22; at an age where a lot of her peers are still trying to find their paths in life, after all, things have always gone right for her and she believes this wouldn’t be an exception. However, it turned out to be a wrong decision. Not just wrong, it almost cost her, her life.

Eti was lucky to escape with her life after several beatings and assault. Today, she lives to tell the story but not without some painful recollection. In an exclusive interview with BroadwayTV, Eti, who is popular for her Instagram skits and gaining lots of attention in Nollywood with noticeable roles in Esoehe, Stormy Hearts, Mentally and the new popular series Battle Ground on African Magic, said comedy was an escape route for her after years of torture.

She spoke like never before with tears in her eyes on her visit to Broadway TV about getting married, getting divorced and reasons not to marry just for love.