Legendary singer, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi, could be said to be one Nigerian singer that has managed to stay away from scandal right from during his juju singing days to becoming an evangelist of repute.

The singer has never been reported to have had a babymama neither has he been ever caught smoking which could possibly be things that has helped mold him towards becoming one many adore today.

Speaking recently with The Nation, Evangelist Obey, revealed that his mother was the reason he never womanize, smoke and living a reckless life.

He said this was possible because he had made a promise to her that he will never indulge himself in such acts as a means of convincing her to allow him take to music since she was against it.

“When I realised that my mother was not in support of my passion, even though she was a music lover herself, I asked her why she did not want me involved in music. My mother told me that musicians live a rough lifestyle, drinking, smoking, and womanizing, and she did not want her son involved in such things. Then and there, I made her a promise that I would never do all those things entertainers did. And that was it.”