OAP Freeze cannot stop amusing Nigerians sometimes when he takes up some sensitive issues.  Freeze  talked about police brutality in the US but he got in the ways of many Nigerians when he  said that he is grateful that he is not a second class citizen.


He said “Growing up, I had dreams of life in America. I played the visa lottery at least 7 times, with each attempt accompanied by prayers & fasting, while each realization of my failure left me sorrowful. I thank God for those disappointments, I’m grateful that I am not a second class citizen with the privileges of a second hand undergarment. I am much better off, being a citizen of this blessed country called Nigeria, where you are greeted by the police with pleasantries like “anything for the boys” or “happy weekend sir” even if it’s Tuesday!”

Nigerians react  “It’s so obvious this freeze guy lacks exposure. Who told you black Americans are treated as second class citizens? Don’t just go on social media and type senseless things simply because you wanna look good to people.” Another said “This Freeze has a very low reasoning IQ”

As if this is not enough, another said  “I never knew you are this low and slow in thinking. Nigeria Police? Oga, you no get brain at all.”