Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has finally left many at peace when she decided to quit her controversial lifestyle to face her children foundation.

Although many are still in awe that she could give up her disturbing attitude just like that, which has increased the curiosity of people on the main reason she decided to turn a knew leave.

Kemi has attacked several celebrities and has been involved in exchange of words with some celebrities she has deliberately attacked.

Her family was not left out from the list of her victims as she showed no mercy in tearing them down with ridiculous tales by moonlight stories.

In a recent outburst, the father chief victor Omololu Olunloyo who was the former governor of Old Oyo State could no longer contain the embarrassment she has brought on herself and her family decided to address the press for the first time.

In his words: “I would like to apologies without reservation to all persons affected. I hope and pray they would graciously accept the apology”, he wrote. My 52-year-old daughter had a history of mental illness and several efforts by the family and other well-wishers to moderate her erratic behavior have been fruitless. She includes me, her father. All four of us she dubs ritualist. Of course, none of us, as far as I know, is anything of sort. She has gone so far as to accuse us of various s*xual crimes and gone too far to give social media itself a very dubious name, in term of uncontrolled freedom to assault others.”

Adding more: “I had thought at 52, Kemi will further train her mind and cease to be an embarrassment to herself and member of her nuclear, extended family and to the general public. I thank pastors and psychiatrists like Dr. Lasebikan, who had gone to great lengths at their own personal cost to restrain her from excesses and recklessness. I dissociate myself entirely from her conducts and statements. She must accept responsibility for her actions and utterances as well as the consequences. My condemnation is total and not in any instance defensible. My position is absolutely clear. She has gone too far.”