Genevieve Nnaji directed a movie ‘Lion Heart’ and it is already putting Nigeria on the international map even though it’s not even out to the public yet.

You might have already heard that ‘Lionheart’ is the first Netflix original movie from Nigeria – a whole Netflix bought a Naija movie! That is an amazing achievement for every Nigerian worldwide. The movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and from the looks of things, this Genevieve Nnaji movie is one we should all be looking out for.

Genevieve Nnaji appeared on CNN as a guest of Richard Quest on his Tuesday night show. She talked about how she was able to get funding for the movie production. She said:

“For the money, we had to self-fund unfortunately, she says, we don’t have adequate funding for movies that we actually intend to go global, there isn’t that provision yet.”

In her opinion, language is the only barrier in Nollywood movies going global. It’s not news that it takes a LOT of coins to make great movies. Unfortunately, there are only a few bodies set aside to fund Nollywood movies. We hope Genevieve’s achievements inspire the necessary change for our movie industry.

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If you’ve not seen the trailer for ‘Lion Heart’ you’re missing o! Anyway, we gatchu as we already wrote about it. You’ll love it!